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FDP leader Lindner wants to send back war invasions

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | World News

FDP leader Christian Lindner wants to close the Mediterranean Sea to save lives and limit immigration. Safe reception centers in North Africa are designed to enable people to submit applications for entry. Financial pressure on the Maghreb countries should facilitate deportation. Refugees are to return to their home countries if the security situation permits.

"We promote and support refugees, but refugee status can not automatically become a permanent residence status," Lindner said in an interview with Bild Bildungszeitung. If peace were to rule, refugees would have to return if they did not meet the criteria of a new Immigration Act.

"If it is safe in Syria, refugee protection must go out"
Lindner explained parts of his demands in the pentathlon of the small parties. Now he became more concrete. During their stay in Germany, refugees should be integrated as much as possible: "They are promoted, they get language courses and access to the labor market, the children go to school, but in the end, when it is safe again in Syria, refugee protection in Germany go out. "

Germany was similar in the 1990s during the Balkan war, which is similar to Canada. "Unfortunately, we made a mistake at that time, there was no legal possibility to stay, so we have to create a new right today," Lindner said in an interview that the asylum remains "as it is".

However, an immigration law should formulate strict criteria for a permanent residence permit: linguistic knowledge, legal disposition and an independent livelihood. "So we work and do not receive any benefits from the welfare state. Anyone who meets these criteria should remain with us!"


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