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FDP calls for immigration according to point system

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | World News

The FDP goes into the final week of the Bundestag election with concrete demands for possible coalition negotiations. In a request by the federal executive committee for the special part-session on Sunday, the FDP formulates red lines in the field of European politics.

For example, it rejects "a European financial compensation over a eurozone budget and a pooling of banks' deposit guarantee schemes". On Saturday evening, Christian Lindner said in Berlin that the paper was a "finger in the direction of future coalition negotiations." The party wished to be measured in possible coalition talks on the "trend reversals" described in the text.

The FDP is described in the paper as a "design party". "We are ready and able to enter a government," the text says. Among other things, the liberals call for "world's best education for everyone". They are also talking about digitalization for a "gigabit infrastructure". The FDP is also making a "fair balance between private and state" strong. All in the middle of society should benefit from tangible relief. "The tax alone will allow a relief volume of 30 to 40 billion euros per year by 2021," the paper says.

Immigration policy with "fair, consistently applied rules"
The FDP also reiterates its call for a liberal immigration policy with "fair, consistently applied rules", including an immigration right with a point system as in Canada. On the subject of Europe, a future federal government should be committed to an "independent institution" that effectively monitors compliance with the rules of the monetary union. It should also strengthen the right of insolvency for the euro-area countries, a right of exit from the euro without loss of EU membership, as well as an obligation for the banks to secure government bonds on their balance sheet with equity. The FDP also opposes a restriction of civil rights and calls for a change from "planned energy policy to innovation and competition".

The Wahlaufruf encompasses a total of ten policy areas in which the Free Democrats want to achieve a trend reversal. The FDP hopes to win more voters in the final sprint. In surveys the FDP currently reaches values ​​between eight and ten percent. A return to the Bundestag after its historic crash in 2013 is therefore considered safe.

 Digitization at the top of the agenda
Lindner said the FDP did not want any bends. "But we want to achieve trend-setting." The party goes quite independently into the election process. If it is not possible to "do good" in a government, the FDP is not afraid of the role of the parliamentary opposition. In the final round of the election campaign, he was talking about a race between his party and the AFD, Lindner said. "The race for place one has run, but the race for third place is open," he said at a reception on the eve of the party. The Greens would not have a chance in the race for third place. The FDP wanted to renew Germany, bring the digitization to the top of the agenda and stand for worldliness and a European orientation


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