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Fashion or sports? – suppliers of Smartwatches wrestling News

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Economy

Despite double-digit growth rates in sales and sales, no one expects that computer watches and fitness bracelets ever reach the market size and penetration of smartphones. But almost unintentionally fashion companies such as Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger have entered the market with adorable mini computers and are now competing with Apple, Samsung and Co. "When talking about technology on the wrist, one also talks about a fashion accessory," says GfK- Expert Jan Wassmann. As design and brand suddenly played a different role. This would probably lead to more fashion providers adding smartwatches to their collections.
Suppliers like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit or Xiaomi try to insist with a steady expansion of the application possibilities in the market. The South Koreans will be presenting their water-resistant new watch Gear Sport as a personal fitness coach on the wrist as part of the International Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin and announce partnerships with Speedo, the music streaming service Spotify and Adidas rival Under Armor at. Perhaps the best thing for the vendors is the positioning and the partnerships, says Gartner expert Roberta Cozza. However, it remains to be seen whether consumers perceive this as an additional benefit.
"It is very realistic to say that the Wearables are currently small devices for the wrist, which have an additional benefit, but are dispensable for many population groups as opposed to the smartphone," says Gartner expert Wassmann. This realization probably led to disillusionment after the great hype.
In a study by TNS Infratest, only one per cent of Germans surveyed indicated that they needed a smartwatch. Fitness bracelets carry three percent. For many, it is not clear why they should buy such a device, says Gartner expert Annette Zimmermann. Moreover, studies have shown that demolition rates for smartwatches and fitness bracelets are very high. Just as many people are no longer going to the gym after a few months, users seem to get tired of their coach's wrist. Especially since many applications are only possible together with the smartphone.
Smartwatches grow two-digit
The IT association Bitkom nevertheless predicts that the sales of computer clocks in the Federal Republic in the current year by about 27 per cent attracts to 1.26 million copies. Compared to other product categories, this is still a huge growth, says Wassmann from the GfK. Many experts are also counting on the fact that more and more bracelets are coming onto the market with mini-computers, which are aimed primarily at children – so to speak, before getting the first smartphone.
According to Gartner's market researchers, Apple continues to take the lead in the world. In the past year, the apple has been decorated with every third sold Smartwatch – more than 10 million devices. By 2021, this share would also drop by about one quarter of the total sales, because of the new competition from the fashion companies. Apple does not publish any figures. According to Gartner, Samsung, Sony and Asus are faced with even greater losses.
Whether the race of the Smartwatch vendors once again take a stronger drive, should depend essentially on how customers react to the next product presentation from Apple. Despite the secrecy policy of the iPhone company has been pierced that this is already in September is pending and a new version of the computer clock presented. It is believed that the new AppleWatch thanks to an integrated modem also allows the streaming of music and the use of maps for navigation. This allows users to leave their smartphone for a jogging round at home.


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