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Families of foreign IS fighters in custody

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | World News

Thousands of foreign Islamists had flocked to the caliphate, which had been trained by the IS. Many brought their families with them. In the recent IS defeat in Tal Afar, many women and children were now captured by IS fighters.

The 1333 women and children came from 14 countries and were accommodated in camps near the city of Mosul. They are therefore not accused of crimes, they are presumably to be transferred to their home countries.

According to data, most of them came from Central Asia, Russia and Turkey, but some came from countries such as Japan and South Korea. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world have traveled to Syria and Iraq in recent years to live in the self-proclaimed Caliphate of the IS. The extremists, however, lost much of their territory in the past months through militia attacks in both countries.

  "We could not practice our religion in Azerbaijan," said one of the women, Fejrusa, who originally came from the Russian republic of Dagestan. "We were told that they had implemented Islam in Iraq and we came here and it was true. We lived our lives as Muslims and we were happy until the warplanes came and destroyed everything, "she said.

"That did not happen"
Another of the women, Ajbenis, also from Azerbaijan, brought the dominion of the IS in the valley of Afar into a positive light. "We did not see any murders, it did not happen," she said. Other inhabitants, who had fled thousands of people from the city before the conquest of Tal Afar in August, had reported on atrocities and hunger under the brutal yoke of the IS.

The women said they knew nothing about the fate of their husbands who had surrendered to Kurdish fighters. Kurdish commander Kamel Harki said some of them had been handed over to the Iraqi authorities, others had been killed because they had merely pretended and then attacked their capitulation.


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