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False rain set-up: Folger rescues top 10-place in Misano

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | Sports

10. September 2017 – 7:16 pm

Folger does not feel comfortable in the rain of Misano on his Tech-3 Yamaha

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(cafetheology.org) – Jonas Folgers wish fulfilled on Sunday in Misano – and yet the German was dissatisfied with ninth place. He hoped after the impassioned qualifying and two zero numbers in Austria and the UK, "finally collect points again". This task he has accomplished with seven meters, but would have been much more possible if he had not been out of the rain set-up? (The result at a glance!) "After the warm-up, I had a few problems with the grip. We wanted to solve the problem up to the race by shifting more weight to the rear tire and using a softer shock absorber" -Year his starting position in the 13th season. By the turn of the weather from Saturday to Sunday – the rain cooled the track by 20 degrees Celsius – went to the race without great expectation from grid position 16. The short-term changes to the vote proved to be a mistake: "It was a mistake because I less Turning, I had more spin at the turnout because I could not move so well. " The MotoGP rookie is disappointed, because he wanted to benefit from the many failures and the changing conditions. "I expect a lot more, but we were quicker than John in the warm-up, but he was able to take another step in the race, but we have made a step backwards, which should not happen." Folger: "Must find a sensible basal pack for rain" Folger's basic problem: "We have to find a reasonable basic package for these rainy conditions, with which we can go on every track." After his serious accident in Silverstone he recovered his self-confidence, but he did not feel so comfortable on the wet track. Due to the worn behind tire, Folger could not drive the desired tempo. In the finish, he missed the lead duo for 54 seconds. "At the start, there was a lot of water on the track, and when the water gradually disappears, you'll get a better grip on the tire, and the grip will get worse, I'm not really happy with the rain." Hinterreifen would have done nothing: "The grip situation was so bad, it was about finding the right balance on the bike, we used the softest rain we had available, so we had bad grip a harder tire, the grip will only get worse. "The wrong set-up choice could happen, the German shows up in a crushed way. He has already looked at the upcoming race: "I have to do a better job in Aragon, especially at the beginning of the weekend and make the bike better for the race."


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