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Failed dividend pearl – Traditionsbank takes protection of Swiss Re shares | News

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Economy

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After the whirlwind is before the cyclone, one is to say these days willingly. For hardly recovering from the heavy flooding caused by the storm depression "Harvey" on the American southeast coast, the next cyclone "Irma" approaches the coast of Florida.
The "Irma" cyclone is already considered to be the largest and most devastating storm ever measured in the Caribbean. "Irma" in the densely populated Florida should meet with full force on the mainland …
… as a precaution, Swiss Re shares have already been punished with new year-long courses. As traders report, increased Anglo-Saxon large-scale investors as salesmen appeared. It is sold first, and then questions are asked, so the directive appears to be.
In the face of the terrifying terror scenarios – insured losses of up to 125 billion dollars are feared – the willingness to sell is not surprising. By way of comparison, the hitherto most expensive catastrophe catastrophe was the hurricane "Katrina" of 2005 with insured losses of 82 billion dollars.

The share price trend for Swiss Re shares has been pointing downwards for weeks (Source: www.cash.ch)
The author of Julius Baer advises the reader to make a comment. According to the information available, the "Irma" cyclone is likely to sweep over the American state of Florida with a probability of more than 60 percent. The fact that he is directly on the densely populated metropolis Miami, however, is less likely.
In his opinion, it is still too early to make reliable statements. As comparative variables, the analyst adds the hurricane Sandy from 2012. The latter caused then insured losses of 30 billion dollars and cost Swiss Re before taxes 769 million dollars.
Even if the horrified scenarios of assured damages of up to 125 billion dollars should be confirmed, the author of the commentary expects positive effects on share price developments in the medium term. The reason: after several very low-damage years the premiums in the reinsurance business have slipped into the basement. However tragic such an event would be for the affected population – the premium rates would finally rise again.
As a result, Swiss Re's dividend-bearing shares with Julius Baer are still recommended for purchase with a price target of CHF 105.
For weeks now, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) is making headlines beyond our national borders. The interest does not apply to its equity interests, nor to the Swiss franc, but simply to its own share. Even in the surrounding neighboring countries, the speculation-driven course fireworks has not been concealed from the augurs. Since the middle of July alone, a healthy spa spas of almost 60 percent have been calculated.
After extensive research, I was able to reveal the mystery about the high-altitude flight in my column of August 21st, revealing the mysterious buyers: the German stock market legend Hans A. Bernecker had his purchase on July 22nd in his stock exchange "Die Actien-Börse" for the first time of the SNB share. The stock market capitalization of CHF 215 million stood in stark contrast to the actual company value of 1.2 to 1.4 billion Swiss francs, he wrote at the time, and heated up the low-liquid equity.

The SNB shares are stubbornly over 3,000 Swiss francs (Source: www.cash.ch)
Bernecker, with his impressive balance sheet total of CHF 775 billion or the 84 billion Swiss francs of our SNB, is reflected in the current edition of his stock exchange letter. In reference to the equity capitalization of just 340 million francs, he sees "a huge gold lump on a lonely needle tip".
That is why the German Börsenbrief-Legende advises its numerous readers to surrender no piece and use every weakness to collect the stock piecemeal.
Bernecker is still able to mobilize new buyers on an ongoing basis. A large number of German newspapers and their coverage of the SNB's share of the shares of the SNB are provided by water on his own and the mills of his readership, albeit unintentionally.
Whoever has studied the "Federal Law on the Swiss National Bank" knows that the SNB share is becoming more and more a member of the Board of Directors, Thomas Jordan may forgive me – a speculative snowballs system,
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