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Facebook testet download function for videos

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | Gadgets

Facebook is currently testing in its app a new feature called "Instant Videos". This allows users to download moving picture content in advance in the WLAN to save mobile data while they are being viewed. The feature is based on the publisher format "Instant Articles".

          The social network is currently testing "Instant Videos" according to Techcrunch with a small number of Android users in the US. In the old Facebook tradition, however, soon after the first attempts, the nation-wide introduction could follow, should this function get positive feedback. After all, the company around CEO Mark Zuckerberg is increasingly focusing on moving image content in advertising marketing. A month ago, Facebook launches around the US, for example, the new video tab "Watch", in the future videos bundled and exclusive shows shown. The fact that Facebook wants to create a separate place for moving picture content has been foreseen in the industry for a long time. In the coming weeks and months the company wants to make the feature available worldwide and the video competitor Youtube the fight. The "Instant Videos" are imprinted in their presentation the already well-known publisher format "Instant Articles". Just like the fast-loading news, there is a flash icon at the upper-right corner of the video that identifies the downloaded videos. They should then be available as quickly as the news articles of the publisher.Sollten Facebook users in the future actually area-covering videos in the WLAN for later use may download, as is already the case with Netflix and Amazon Prime video already, Use and thus also the advertising marketing. The advertising revenues of the social network last rose by 47 percent to 9.1 billion dollars. A large proportion of these have video ads connected to mobile devices. ron





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