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Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Gadgets

Like the election campaign in the small towns, it is on the Internet. Alternative pöblers, as they are, but not only, chancellor Angela Merkel at public events, also gather in the social networks. They rush, threaten, defame. And although they are not in the majority, they scream loudest. So loud, that even Facebook can not understand their influence more exactly.

If you would like to use a feature called "Discovering groups" as a Facebook member these days, you will find numerous categories: sports, pets, food. But the news and politics category is missing; a click on the previous link does not provide any more recommendations. One had the function "temporarily suspended," said a Facebook spokesman this week. For it was obviously seized by right-wing extremists and AfD supporters. Even if Facebook does not say so naturally.
Facebook recommends strikingly many right groups
Last week, among other things, the satelite page The Postillon pointed out that in the category news and politics above average many rightextreme and AfD-close groups were recommended. Numerous users have confirmed this. They responded accordingly angrily and perplexed in the social networks. The ARD factfinder found in a sample of 25 users that groups with names like voters and friends of AfD, patriots and anxious Germans were repeatedly recommended – and also to users who were neither in similar groups, nor by her User behavior seemed as if they had a right attitude. Even completely new users were suggested the groups.

Facebook Germany has no explanation yet. A place in the recommendations one could not buy, let the company put it. Actually, these should be selected by algorithm, based on the individual likes and likes of each user. Since obviously other factors play a role, Facebook disabled the function first. Now you want to look at the matter more closely.
Perhaps the activity in the respective groups plays an unexpectedly large role. Even if they have fewer members than groups of other parties, their members are very active with regard to the writing, commenting and likening of contributions – keyword: "loudest screaming". An administrator of one of the mentioned groups speaks with 27,000 members of 5,000 contributions per day.
Insights into counterpublicity
Such figures underscore the existence of a right, digital counterparty that has formed in the closed and secret groups on Facebook, but also on other social platforms. Thus the AfD not only uses the platform through its official account, but also benefits from numerous closed groups, which have been created by supporters or come from the right-wing populist environment. In this "hate bubble" organized like-minded: In addition to the spread of fake news on political opponents, there is almost everything from the racist agitation to the murder call, as a research of the day level revealed in summer 2016.
The supposed success of these groups is not due to the fact that they meet the nerve of the electorate, as the leaders like to claim. Instead, they use a network of fake profiles, second accounts and so-called social bots, automated accounts that share or comment on certain rules and content, follow other users and thus increase their reach.


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