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Face ID: Apple allows only one face per iPhone X

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

As you know, the iPhone X does not have a fingerprint sensor. So that users do not always have to enter a PIN code or password for device unlocking, the face recognition has been chosen as a replacement, called Face ID. Apple has confirmed Techcrunch that Face ID generally only recognizes one face. This reduces the ease of use if more than one person is to use the iPhone X.

Face ID and theft
In the case of devices with fingerprint release, the user can also store the fingerprints of other persons if necessary. If an authorized person uses the smartphone, he can unlock it using a fingerprint. You do not need to know the PIN code or password that will unlock the device.

Owners of an iPhone X can not allow other persons to access the device via Face ID. In the above case the other user would have to know the PIN for unlocking and then enter it manually. According to Apple Insider, Apple has also thought that Face ID could simplify the theft of a device. If a thief is holding an iPhone-X owner in a cafe and holding it in front of the face, it is possible that the smartphone is unlocked. The thief would have access to all data.

Face ID can be disabled
Apple emphasizes that the stolen would have to look directly at the iPhone X and the thief could not bring the device owner easily. In addition, Face ID can be switched off by pressing two side buttons on the iPhone X. The owner of an iPhone X would have to think of turning off Face ID in such situations.

This reduces the comfort during operation. Presumably Face ID will only be activated after entering PIN code or password. Otherwise it would be possible for a thief to turn Face ID back on, so that nothing would be gained from security.
Face ID is also supposed to work with sunglasses
Also, Apple assured that Face ID synonymous well with sunglasses clarkomme. The user can wear sunglasses and the recognition is still ensured. However, Apple limits that this is not applicable to all sunglasses. But most would let enough infrared light through, so that Face ID could work normally.

Face ID uses an IR camera on the front of the iPhone X, with which the face is scanned. The anatomical features are converted into a point model and compared with the recorded model. If they agree, the iPhone will be unlocked.
The detection should work in real time. The data is processed exclusively on the iPhone X, not via a cloud. The new A11 Bionic processor, which also works in the iPhone X, has a built-in auxiliary processor. Unlocking with the face should also work if the user wears a hat, changes the hairstyle or grows a beard.


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