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F1 2017 test: Motorsports in the past

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Gadgets

Of course F1 2017 is again the official video game of the 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship. This means that the entire race calendar of the 2017 season can be accessed with all official routes, riders and teams. The partly serious changes for the new season are all taken into account. The cars are broader and deeper this year, which is accompanied by a marked change in driving feeling.

The core of the game is once again the career mode, which was further expanded compared to the previous year. First, the player creates a driver, then he completes his competition for competition. For this purpose, Codemasters has created a role-playing technology space: improvements and updates for the engine, body, brakes and much more are developed here. That brings the own team in countless small details not only within the season, but also for several years forward. However, success is needed in qualifying and racing as well as during the training sessions.
For loosening up the race calendar, small invitation tournaments provide the player with certain tasks. These are brief trips to the racing history, where classics of the last 30 years are available from five teams such as Ferrari, Red Bull Racing and Williams, whose vehicles are noticeably different than the current cars. For fans surely interesting: The first edition of F1 2017 appears as a special edition with the 1988 McLaren MP4 / 4 in historical design as driven by Ayrton Senna.

If you like spending time with setups, you get more possibilities. From the fuel management to the right tire mixture can be experimented, the extensive training options allow to try every nuance in advance. Anyway, experienced riders will be particularly pleased: the now infinitely adjustable difficulty level in combination with the optimized AI and the even more sensitive control ensures that there are no shortcomings.
Without a lot of feeling at the gassing and the right feeling for the opposing in a difficult situation, excursions into the gravel bed are then inevitable. For this reason, beginners simply regulate the difficulty level or rely on the numerous driving aids in order to get through the laps.

Technically, the differences to the previous year are marginal, as a larger update would have been desirable. At least, there are detailed improvements, for example with swirling particles, the layout of the route boundary and the representation of weather and daytime. The coherent sound also remains at a high level, the menu structure is somewhat clearer, but still sober. The multiplayer mode also offers the most tried and tested and allows the player to participate online in public or, optionally, private challenges.
F1 2017 is available for Windows-PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 and costs about 50 Euro (PC) and 60 Euro (consoles). The game is released by the USK without age restriction.
F1 2016 was very good, F1 2017 is better – but rather in details than basic. The extensive engineering trees give tinkers countless development possibilities. The feeling of driving, the AI ​​and the infinitely variable difficulty also offer new slopes to new slopes. The more extensive career mode is motivated for weeks.
Technically, however, and in the production, Codemasters still leaves many wishes open, since a larger update would have been nice, especially since on the PS4 to tearing problems comes. So there is still enough air for F1 2018. For the moment, the game has become a comprehensive and motivating overall package, not just for Formula One fans.


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