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Exclusive: Sainz 'Renault change provides for Formula One earthquake

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | Sports

09. September 2017 – 16:23

Red Bull, Renault and McLaren are currently re-emerging

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(cafetheology.org) – The Formula 1 is currently waiting anxiously for the confirmation of the divorce of McLaren and Honda. But while everything seems quiet, there is an earthquake behind the scenes. Like 'cafetheology.org' from a reliable source, the Spanish Toro-Rosso driver Carlos Sainz is the part of the puzzle that will get everything rolling. Red Bull has the 23-year-old talent in a cow trade, although the option for 2018 had actually been perceived to come out of the Renault contract in return. Interesting: Sainz may already be starting from the Grand Prix of Malaysia at Renault as Nico Hülkenbergs Team Colleagues, leaving the lucky Jolyon Palmer, who has not yet won a single World Cup point this season, his cockpit. This would make Sainz happy, who wanted to switch to Enstone last year, but also the decision makers at Red Bull, McLaren and Honda.Toro Rosso therefore frees drive partner Renault after only one common year and will drive with Honda drive units in the coming season to start. The deal was signed on Friday and approved by McLaren, according to information from 'cafetheology.org'. The Japanese want their 23-year-old junior pilot Nobuharu Matsuhita, currently sixth in the Formula 2 ranking, at Toro Rosso. His collaboration with McLaren as a development driver is thus finished. So the deal between McLaren and Renault succeeds

By Sainz 'Renault change, Alonso gets his dream engine

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The Japanese, who could be tested by the alleged Honda deal with Sauber in Hungary for the Swiss, apart from that, has no Formula 1 experience and could therefore get on Fridays. Toro Rosso, currently sixth in the Constructors' World Championship, is still struggling against Renault (currently eighth) by fifth place and thus a few million euros from the pot of the TV funds and would like to keep Sainz happy until the end of the season. Should the Spaniard be allowed to leave prematurely, Piere Gasly would be ready, who, alongside Matsuhita and Stammpilot Daniil Kwjat, would also be able to calculate chances for a cockpit for 2018. All this makes for great relief, especially in Woking: By the agreement between Toro Rosso and Honda, which gives Red Bull the prospect of factory support from 2019, Renault loses a customer and thus, in contrast to Ferrari and Mercedes, frees capacities. According to information from 'cafetheology.org', McLaren is likely to sign the contract with Renault next Monday, but certainly before leaving for Singapore. Until the weekend or in Singapore is to be expected with an official announcement. Red Bull is fully committed to Honda

Marko and Tost: From 2019 both teams will drive with Honda-Power


This would also ensure a stay of Starpilot Fernando Alonso, who had surrendered with the Japanese. The place of Matsuhita as a development driver would be Toptalent Lando Norris. However, the British tradition would also have to face the enormous financial crisis of Honda. Red Bull has also said that the A team of the Austrian energy drink group would like to cancel their contract with Renault to Singapore 2019 also with Honda drive units to drive. Apparently, the Red Bull decision makers are convinced that the Japanese will get their problems in just one year and the manufacturer's team offers the team with Milton Keynes better prospects than the broken marriage with Renault.Toro Rosso 2018 with McLaren- GearboxMan must remember that since the end of the Infinity sponsorship, Red Bull will have to pay the drive units themselves by the end of 2015, because sponsor TAG only takes part of the cost of the naming. In addition, Toro Rosso will have to make sure that Toro Rosso has a previous year's gearbox from McLaren, so that the installation of the Honda drive unit works. The goal is 2018 to use a gearbox and the electronics optimally adapted to the Honda drive unit and to use the synergies between the two Red Bull teams from 2019 onwards. Similar to the situation with the lubricants: McLaren changed only this season to BP / Castrol, which is good, as synonymous Renault puts on the same product. Red Bull and Toro Rosso, on the other hand, are betting on Mobil 1. This should not be a problem as McLaren-Honda continued to rely on these lubricant suppliers in 2016.


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