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+++ Exchanges Ticker +++ – Trump-Quarrels Uncertainty on Wall Street News

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Economy

The dissolution of two advisory committees and the sharp criticism of politicians from his environment aroused uncertainty as to whether Trump could comply with his electoral promises for tax reductions and infrastructure programs, Börsian say. "Trump is increasingly fading away from the fact that Trump is able to push through its economic policy agenda," said analyst Mark Chandler, broker Brown Brothers Harriman.
The Dow Jones index of default values ​​is 0.1 percent weaker with 21'732 points. The broader S & P 500 also lost 0.1 percent to 2428 counts. The index of the technology trade Nasdaq continues unchanged with 6222 points in the trade.
Footlocker is crashing after a big earnings miss https://t.co/2FySDkl6j6 pic.twitter.com/X5bTUONXkj
– Business Insider (@businessinsider) August 18, 2017
The Foot Locker footwear, whose sales and earnings declined in the second quarter, fell by 25 percent. Under Armor lose 3.3 percent, Nike rush by just under 5 percent in depth.
Estee Lauder, on the other hand, has a spa spike of 4 percent for radiant faces. The cosmetics company has doubled the profit in the past quarter thanks to numerous new customers and more orders over the Internet.
On the Swiss equities market, the downward trend on Thursday started on week-end. The leading index SMI is losing ground on Friday, slipping below 8900 counts. On the stock market, the doubts are growing whether US President Donald Trump is able to implement his business plan. In addition, new terrorist incidents triggered by the attack in Barcelona are weighing on investor sentiment.
By midday, the SMI loses 0.9% lower at 8865 points, slipping below last Friday's level despite a very good week-end. The 30 SLI shares, which do not include the largest weightings, lost 0.9% to 1414 and the broad SPI 0.9% to 10'108 positions. Of the 30 SMI / SLI titles, all are in the negative at reporting time.
In the Blue Chip segment, Cyclists and Financials are the largest donors with regard to terrorist and interest rates: Sonova is the one with 1.7%, or Lonza by 1.6%. The title of the hearing aid manufacturer had increased by just under 5% on the previous day thanks to well received product news. UBS are 1.0%, whereas CS (-0.4%) are better. And Bâloise's insurance papers are down 1.2% on the benchmark increase by Bank Vontobel. The Basler will report on the first half-year at the end of August.
At Geberit (-0.5%), the downward movement of the previous day continues moderately. After the disappointing half-year figures, the sanitary group's titles fell by almost six percent. The analysts are divided on the following topics: UBS, Baader Helvea and Société Générale lowered their price targets, while CS, Kepler Cheuvreux and Bank Vontobel increased the target. Yesterday's price decline offered a good entry point, says Vontobel.
The heavyweights Nestlé (-0.8%), Novartis (-1.0%) and Roche (-0.9%) have entered the midfield. On Thursday shortly before the stock market closing, the report on an examination of the prices of multiple sclerosis treatments in the USA had caused restlessness. Both Novartis and Roche, along with other international pharmaceutical companies, have to explain the strong price increases against US politicians.
In the broad market, several companies have submitted business figures, with the shares of Verbund specialist Schweiter (-3.9%) now suffering from profit-taking according to the news. Although Schweiter had increased its sales with the continuing business, analysts are disappointed by the development of profitability.
Better hold according to figures Hügli (-0.2%), PSP (-0.3%) or Mobilezone (-0.7%). Gurit climb up against the trend by 2.1%. The specialist plastic manufacturer achieved less sales in the first half of the year, but was able to convince with the profit. (Read the full stock market report for lunch.)
The downward trend on the Swiss stock exchange is on the weekend. Doubts about the implementation of the economic stimulus programs of US President Donald Trump and the attack in Barcelona are weighing on the mood and the courses. Therefore, the market participants are withdrawing. "Before the weekend you do not know what is still going on," says a dealer. The SMI lost 0.9 percent to 8866 counters. On Thursday the leading index had lost one percent. The price will probably also affect the small expiry date at the derivatives exchange Eurex. Investors' nervousness increased as measured by the fear barometer. The volatility index climbs 11 percent.
Dealers say market participants are increasingly doubtful about the implementation of US economic stimulus packages. Critically speaking, it was above all that in the racist disputes of the Republicans of Trump distanced themselves. This would make the prospects for success of his policy diminish.
The largest losses were recorded by cyclical companies and by banks. The shares of the luxury goods manufacturers Richemont and Swatch lose a good 1 percent. "The attack in Barcelona will hardly be conducive to tourism," says a trader. If fewer people traveled, less luxury goods would be bought. A considerable part of the expensive watches, leather bags and noble wardrobe will be bought by tourists.
The shares of Credit Suisse and UBS fell by 0.7 and 0.9 percent. Julius Baer lost 1.3 percent of their value. The investor's flight into secure bonds and the withdrawal from the stock exchange are likely to help the banks' earnings situation at best in the short term, says a trader. Also the insurance companies made the lower yields to create, it is called on the market.
Profits from profits also weigh heavily on higher values, such as that of the construction chemicals and adhesives manufacturer Sika and the pharmaceutical supplier Lonza. They lose more than 1 percent.
The titles of the pharmaceuticals Novartis and Roche, as well as the food group Nestlé, are losing 0.7 to 0.9 percent to the extent of the overall market.
Will the # Swisscom share dive 30 percent? Https://t.co/o0i6lorW5j pic.twitter.com/s2CTOKSFAr
– cash (@cashch) August 18, 2017
In the broad market, the shares of Kudelski continue to decline and fall by 4.1 per cent. The encryption specialist had reported a loss the previous day for the first half year.
The title of the composite producer Schweiter loses 2.1 percent in value. The semester result is slightly below expectations, says the market.
Profits are pushed by the shares of Straumann 3.5 percent. The title of the manufacturer of dental implants had increased over 10 percent on the previous day following the submission of an unexpectedly good half-year report.
Also the food producer Hügli made a slightly lower than expected result. The share lost 0.4 percent.
The Swiss Market Index (SMI) drops by 0.9 per cent to 8866 points shortly after market start. On Thursday, the leading index fell below the 9000-point mark.
Significant losses are again seen in the UBS (-1.5 percent) and Credit Suisse (-1.4 percent) gross bank stocks. Here investors are increasingly afraid of the scenario of long-term low interest rates.
Geberit (-1.2 percent) also declined significantly. The shares of the plumbing company fell by nearly six percent on the previous day following disappointing half-year figures. Subsequently, UBS and Société Générale lowered their price targets, while CS increased the price target.
The heavyweights Nestlé and Roche (both -0.9 percent) also fell sharply. At Novartis, the minus is 0.8 percent. On Thursday shortly before the stock market closing, the report on an examination of the prices of multiple sclerosis treatments in the USA had caused restlessness. Both Novartis and Roche, along with other international pharmaceutical companies, have to take a stand against US politicians.
In the broad market, several companies have submitted business figures. For example, Gurit (-1.4 percent) reported a drop in sales for the first half of the year, but profitability was improved by the specialty plastics manufacturer. Mobilezone (-1.5 percent), which is now waiting for the launch of new iPhone models, is also showing a similar picture.
Hügli (-1.9 per cent) reported a decline in sales, while Verbund specialist Schweiter (-2.5 per cent) increased its sales with the continuing business. At Schweiter, the sale of the SSM textile machines division to Rieter also generated a high sales gain.
At the end of the week, Straumann (-4.0 per cent) continue to be the focus of investors, after the shares had increased by over 11% on the previous day after half-year figures and the announcement of a takeover. On the reporting date, the dental implant manufacturer withdrew the sale of treasury shares announced yesterday. It was concluded that the offered price did not reflect the inherent value of existing and newly acquired business, Straumann justified the move.
The uncertainty of the markets after the devastating terrorist attack of Barcelona with numerous deaths and worries about the capacity of US President Donald Trump to expand on the stock exchanges in Asia. Almost at all trading venues, the courses on Friday were negative.
In Japan, the Nikkei also suffered from a stronger yen, which was once again a safe haven. The Japanese lead index was trading at 1.21 per cent in the negative at 19.470.41 points. As one of the few indices, the Chinese CSI 300, which lists the most important values ​​of the mainland, recorded a slight increase of 0.26 percent.
Nikkei 225 Index Slides To 3-Month Lows, Risk Conditions Deteriorate … https://t.co/t9hMd0ehep # nikkei225 # jpn225
– 日 経 平均 株 価 ニ ュ ス ス (@ nikkei225_jpn) August 18, 2017
The Swiss Market Index (SMI) fell by 0.6 percent in the pre-market, which was calculated by Julius Baer. In yesterday's trading, the lead index fell by 1 percent to 8945 points. Growing doubts about the implementation of the economic stimulus programs of the US President Donald Trump will weigh on Friday according to the SMI Börsians. Critically, it is above all that in the racist disputes of the Republicans of Trump distanced themselves. This leaves the prospects for success of his policy fading. The Barcelona attack, with 13 casualties and about 100 casualties, attracted attention, said stock traders.
All SMI stocks are trading in the downside before trading. ABB, Adecco and UBS are the strongest performers with minus 0.9 percent.
SWITZERLAND SWITZERLAND: $ SMI -0.62%. $ ABBN, $ ADEN, $ CSGN, and $ UBSG weak. $ NESN and $ ROG. Other shares are all "letter".
– cashInsider (@cashInsider) August 18, 2017

Oil prices fell slightly on Friday in early trading. In the morning, a barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent for delivery in October cost 50.96 dollars. That was seven cents less than on Thursday. The price for a barrel of the American variety West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for delivery in September fell by six cents to 47.03 dollars.

The prospect of a further high oil supply continued to weigh on the prices, according to dealers. In the meantime, an average of 9.5 million barrels per day is transported in the USA. Experts at Commerzbank point out that this volume is just below the record high of spring 2015.

The terrorist attack in Barcelona with at least 13 deaths the previous day had not caused any lasting uncertainty on the oil market. In the further course of the day, investors will be looking at data on the US oil wells of the oil producer Baker Hughes, who will provide further information on the US offer.

The Nikkei leading index Nikkei of the 225 leading values ​​lost one percent to 19,501 points by midday. The broader topix also gave one percent to 1598 counts. The MSCI index for Asian equities outside Japan was 0.6% lower.
A Thursday, the dispute trumps with corporate heads had already pushed the Wall Street clearly into the minus. Pressure on the courses also caused the attack in Barcelona, ​​where a small truck drove into a crowd. According to official data, at least 13 people were killed and some 100 more injured. In the market, speculation also circulated that now Trumps economic consultant Gary Cohn could also cede. Cohn is traded as a candidate for the top spot of the US banknote.
Among the individual values, bank titles were sold under sales pressure. Thus, Mizuho Financial lost 1.1 percent and UFJ Financial 1.9 percent.
The euro tipped to the dollar somewhat stronger with 1.1735 dollars. The greenback was 0.2 percent lower with 109.41 yen to the yen. Here, too, the question was whether Trump would still be able to implement its business plans.
(Cash / AWP / Reuters)


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