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+++ Exchanges Ticker +++ – Swiss Stock Exchange – investors continue to cautiously News

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Economy

Further upward movement on the Swiss stock exchange, although still somewhat hesitant. The SMI stands at 11.00 am, 0.6 per cent plus 8915 points. The SPI generates a plus of 0.5 percent to 10'171 points. These are the current top flop shares in the SMI:

The euro, once again trading below 1.19 dollars, is causing investors to speculate about better business from VW, BMW and Daimler on the world market. The shares account for two to three per cent, which means that they are on the forefront in the Dax. Also Peugeot and Renault win 1.6 and one percent.
The stock market has also returned to the limit: after its turbulent week start on Tuesday, the Dax has once again set the forward speed, albeit slowly. In the first trading session, the German leading index rose by 0.42 percent to 12 153.63 points.
The euro retreats again below 1.19 dollars and falls to 1.1870 dollar from 1.1911 dollar in the early trade. Traders have mainly focused on the ECB meeting on Thursday.
The Swiss Market Index rises 0.2% on Tuesday in early trading. The SMI is supported primarily by Nestle (plus 0.2 percent) and Novartis (plus 0.25 percent). The multiple sclerosis drug Fingolimod of Novartis has reached the main goal in a phase III study with children. However, sentiment on the financial markets should continue to be marked by the nuclear bomb test of North Korea and therefore by caution. On the reporting date, the requirements of the US exchange closed for holidays are also missing. The EU macro-figures (PMI services, retail sales) in the morning and the US (industrial orders) in the second half of the day should be more relevant to the financial market.
Credit Suisse (plus 0.6 per cent) and UBS (plus 0.3 per cent) have a firm weighting. As part of a general European stock market study, UBS has raised the banking sector to an "overweight" from "neutral" and, in return, has taken the pharmaceutical sector back to "neutral" from "overweight". Roche (minus 0.2 percent) are also underperforming the market.
In the broad market, Sunrise (plus 0.9 per cent) benefit from a price target increase by HSBC, which holds on to their purchase recommendation. And Straumann (plus 2 percent) was ranked directly from "Underperform" to "Buy" according to Merrill Lynch's dealers.
The HSBC's research is once again better positioned for Swiss equities. The bank has raised its previously neutral rating on Swiss equities to "overweight" from "neutral". The main argument for the experts is the forecast of a weaker franc. The euro / franc exchange rate should rise to 1.20 by the end of the year, according to the prediction. On Tuesday, the currency pairs recorded again below 1.14 francs, namely 1.1387.
Meanwhile, Asian equities trading has also ended. The uncertainties surrounding the North Korean conflict have once again kept investors in check. "As long as the fear of further rocket tests persists, investors will be facing the side line," said Takuya Takahashi, the market leader, from Daiwa Securities brokerage firm. The Japanese lead index Nikkei went off the trade with a loss of 0.6 per cent on 19'385 points. The broader topix declined 0.8 percent. The exchange rate in South Korea fell by 0.1 percent. Börsians in China ignored the North Korean risks and took up shares. The stock market in Shanghai rose 0.2 percent to 3385 points. Investors speculate that at the Congress of the Communist Party in mid-October new economic reforms will be announced.
China stocks end at fresh 20-month high despite N.Korea nuclear test – Economic Times https://t.co/TZqwl1s77x
– ShanghaiMarketTiming (@ShanghaiMT) September 4, 2017
The Swiss Market Index is up 0.25 percent against the international trend in pre-trading on Tuesday. Strongest outperformers are the Nestlé (plus 0.46 percent) and Novartis (plus 0.45 percent). The multiple sclerosis drug Fingolimod of Novartis has reached the main goal in a phase III study with children. Financials were slightly higher.
Novartis landmark Phase III trials shows fingolimod significantly reduces relapses in children and $ NOVN https://t.co/clbOsRp4KM
– GNWLive (@GNWLive) September 5, 2017
The US ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Nikki Haley, said on Monday in the UN Security Council that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un bettele with his latest nuclear test for war. The US did not want this, but their patience was not limitless. Chief analyst Ric Spooner from the brokerage house CMC Markets said that the stock exchanges on Wall Street would react to the intensification of the North Korean crisis. The stock exchanges were closed there on Monday because of a holiday.
In the course of the day, investors are also likely to turn to the numerous economic data. Among other things, the detailed purchasing management indices for the euro zone are expected for August. Demand for long-lived goods in the USA is on the rise. In addition, a number of US central bankers, including Fed director Lael Brainard, are expected to attend the New York Business Club.
Gold is still high in price due to geopolitical uncertainties among investors. The precious metal price increases on Tuesday by 0.1 percent to 1335.70 dollars per ounce (31.1 grams).
The oil prices have hardly changed on Tuesday. In the morning, a barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent for delivery in October cost 52.21 US dollars. That was 0.2 percent less than on Monday.
Crude oil mixed in Asia in light trade with U.S. refineries recovering https://t.co/o1xshJt35r
– Oil & Gas NewsTicker (@oilgasTicker) September 5, 2017
The Nikkei index, which is 225, is close to the close of trading by 0.5 percentage points to 19,417 points. The broader topix index also fell by 0.5 per cent and was 1595 points. The recent North Korean nuclear test, as well as indications that a new rocket test could be imminent, was the backdrop. The strategist Takuya Takahashi from Daiwa Securities said it was understandable that the investors were in such a situation.
日 経 平均, 一時 150 円 安 の 1 万 9300 円 台 半 ば https://t.co/2uBx4mPcqn
– 日本 経 済 新聞 電子 版 (@nikkei) September 5, 2017
The stock market in Shanghai was up 0.1 percent. The index of the main companies in Shanghai and Shenzen won 0.3 percent. The MSCI index for Asian equities outside Japan rose by 0.1 percent.
(Cash / AWP / Reuters)


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