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+++ Exchanges Ticker +++ – SMI will continue catching up News

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Economy

According to the pre-market indicators of Bank Julius Baer, ​​the Swiss Market Index (SMI) is 0.2 percent higher in 8871 points. After several loss-making trading days, the leading index had increased by 0.4 percent on Wednesday. Credit Suisse (+0.4 per cent), Julius Baer (+0.9 per cent) and UBS (+0.8 per cent) are the most impacted by the SMI individual indices. On the broad market, on the other hand, Kudelski (-0.9 percent) declined sharply.
Argus eyes continue to pursue saber rattles around North Korea. Japan is pushing for a tightening of sanctions against North Korea after the recent rocket test. On the economic side, the focus is on a number of US statistics, in addition to European inflation data. Among other things, the weekly report from the labor market provides another taste for the official monthly data on Friday. In addition, figures on the income and expenditure of US consumers and the purchasing managers index for the Chicago region are on the schedule.
On the Wall Street, the stock market closed on Wednesday after a trade close in Europe due to good economic data. In the Far East, the stock markets tipped disparately on Thursday: the Nikkei index in Tokyo was up 0.8 percent, while the stock markets in the Chinese mainland were 0.5 and 0.7 percent lower.
The oil prices fell only slightly on Thursday after some significant losses in the past trading days. A barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent for delivery in October cost 50.82 USD in the morning. That was four cents less than the previous day. The price for a barrel of the American variety West Texas Intermediate (WTI) fell by six cents to 45.90 dollars.
Since last weekend, flooding through the tropical storm "Harvey" has led to the failure of refineries in the US, which has reduced the demand for crude oil. A surprisingly sharp drop in US oil reserves in the previous week, which the US government reported the previous day, could only support oil prices on a temporary basis.
The gold price is a breather. On Thursday morning an ounce costs 1304 dollars (-0.4 percent). Over the past few weeks Gold had benefited mainly from increasing geopolitical risks.
#Gold inches lower than $ 1
– Financial Express (@FinancialXPress) August 31, 2017

A number of good economic data from the USA caused optimism. As a result, the dollar rose to the yen, which helps Japanese companies on the world market.
The Nikkei with the standard values ​​rose by 0.8 per cent to 19'660 points. The broader topix increased by 0.6 percent to 1616 counts.
In July, industrial production in Japan fell surprisingly by 0.8 per cent on the previous month, as the Ministry of Economy of the country announced on Thursday. In June, there was an increase of 2.2 percent.
In August, however, the processing industry expects even better data. The world's third-largest economy after the US and China had risen again in the second quarter at a yearly rate of four per cent, mainly thanks to consumers and more companies.
(Cash / AWP / Reuters)


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