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+++ Exchange Ticker +++ – Swiss investors keep silent News

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Economy

After a slightly stronger start against midday, the SMI recorded practically 8945 points on the day before. From Yellen, whose speech is scheduled at 4:00 pm CEST, the market participants expect indications of the planned reduction of the billion-heavy Fed securities stocks. After the stock exchange closes in Europe at 9:00 pm CEST then ECB President Mario Draghi speaks. With him, investors should pay attention to all statements on the euro exchange rate. "Draghi will probably try to weaken the euro slightly," said a trader. At the end of the ECB's monthly bond purchases, however, he is unlikely to say anything against it.
The winners and the losers held the balance for the standard values. Credit Suisse shares rose by 0.9 percent. The shares of Rivale UBS increased by 0.3 percent. The shares of Lonza were up 0.6 percent higher at 238 francs, after temporarily rising to a record high of 239.90 francs. Nestle's shares of the food giant weakened by 0.7 percent.
The business was more lively on the wide market, with shares of smaller and medium-sized companies publishing interim reports. The share of the pharmaceutical supplier Bachem was 2.4%. The company expressed a positive outlook in the second half of the year, according to a rather disappointing first half-year, a trader said.
Oerlikon's shares lost two percent. MainFirst took the recommendation for the plant manufacturer on "Underperform" from "Outperform" back.
Oil prices have increased during the course of Friday. A barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent for delivery in October cost around 52.39 US dollars. That was 0.7 percent more than the previous day. According to market observers, the oil prices are supported by a tropical cyclone moving towards the southern coast of the USA.
WATCH: Tracking Hurricane Harvey; Category 2 storm closing in on Texas: https://t.co/KYnBdgKzBj @Ginger_Zee pic.twitter.com/VK4cbf6tiV
– Good Morning America (@GMA) August 25, 2017
The U-blox shares are up on the Swiss stock market with an above-average volume of up to 9 percent. As negative surprises did not materialize and the outlook for the full year was confirmed, investors are picking up again after the weak trend. "After the warning at the beginning of the year there were many doubts as to whether the company can maintain its goals," said a trader. Many investors have bet against the stock. "But now U-blox has confirmed the ambitious goals." This triggered cover sales.
The management's outlook for the year as a whole, as well as the dollar exchange rate, which was budgeted by U-blox, of CHF 1.02, The last year was at this level. Since then, the US dollar weakened sharply. Accordingly, the ZKB states that the assumption for the exchange rate is ambitious. For the business of U-blox the dollar movement is very relevant, but more than 80% of the sales are in the US currency (see also today's article from the cash insider).
Happy to present our 2017 half-year highlights at the Zurich Mariott today! We are on track for sustained #growth and #profitability! pic.twitter.com/wYtCfMC8II
– u-blox (@ublox) August 25, 2017
Since the start of trading, the leading index SMI has been swinging around the previ- ous day of 8946 points with a small margin. According to traders, the main attention of the investors is at the scores meeting in Jackson Hole and is expected to provide restraint.
Course-driven news from companies from the front row are shortageware. The weakest blue chips are the shares of the temporary employment agent Adecco (-1 percent) in early trading. In the important French market, consumer sentiment deteriorated in August. With a great distance follow on the losing side Aryzta (-0.5 percent), Schindler or SGS (per -0.4 percent).
Some points cost the SMI the levies at Nestlé of -0.4 percent. The pharma market weights of Novartis (+0.1 percent) and Roche (+0.3 percent), on the other hand, rose slightly. The Roche subsidiary Chugai has received approval for the drug Actemra for giant cell arteritis in Japan.
The SMI / SLI list is headed by CS (+1.5 percent), while the second large bank UBS is up 0.2 percent. Lonza (+0.7 percent), Richemont (+0.4 percent) and Vifor (+0.3 percent) are among the winners.
In the broad market, the strong sunrise (-1.2 percent) on the previous day is somewhat down. Georg Fischer (-0.5 percent) took over a company for light metal die casting in Romania at an unnamed price and thus strengthened the automotive division. The shares of Implenia (+1.1 percent) recover somewhat from the massive levies from the previous day. According to the number of semesters, the titles had fallen by almost 11 per cent.
Oerlikon fell by 2.2 per cent. Messages are not available here. The shares of the industrial group reached the highest level for three and a half years at 14.95 francs at the beginning of August.
In Germany too, stock prices are currently barely moving:
#DAX German #Aktien float back and forth, do not leave the 12,000 # stocks pic.twitter.com/96lvd1459p
– Markus van de Weyer (@mvdweyer) August 25, 2017
The Swiss Market Index (SMI) continues to start at 8936 points. The main attention of the investors today will be at the scores meeting in Jackson Hole and leads according to dealers initially for restraint. At the same time, the market players expect the heads of the ECB and the US banknote, ie Mario Draghi and Janet Yellen, to provide at least indications of the further course of monetary policy in the USA and Europe.
In the SMI, Credit Suisse (+1.0 percent) and Lonza (+0.9 percent) are the strongest.
For Sunrise (-0.4 per cent), Barclays raised the price target to 80 out of 75 Swiss francs. The evaluation Equal Weight is confirmed. The strong results of the second quarter had shown that the turning point was achieved in terms of service turnover and gross profit. The Deutsche Bank analyst also slightly raised the target to 86 of CHF 84 (hold).
Georg Fischer (-0.7 percent) has taken over a light-alloy die-casting company in Romania and is thus strengthening the Automotive division. Eucasting Ro achieved a turnover of around 50 million Swiss francs with around 500 employees.
For Implenia (+1.1 per cent), whose shares fell by almost 11 per cent on the day before the semester, Kepler Cheuvreux lowered the price target to 77 from 82 francs. The buy ranking is maintained.
In addition, Bachem (+1.3 percent), Adval Tech (+0.3 percent) and Nebag (no course yet) presented figures. On the eve of the evening, u-Blox's (+ 3.2 per cent) and Edisun Power (+ 9 per cent)
In the hope of bubbling company profits investors have covered on Friday with Chinese stocks. The leading index of the Shanghai stock exchange rose by up to 1.7 percent to a one-and-a-half-year high of 3326.49 points. "A few months ago, people had worried about a slowdown in the economy," said Yanggui, the agent of the Kaiyuan brokerage house. "Today they are discussing the prospect of a new upswing."
The stock with the highest #dividend #yield (5.44%) of Shanghai (China) is SAIC MOTOR https://t.co/t2w0ONzz02
– TopYields.nl (@TopYields) August 25, 2017
The Tokyo lead index gained 0.5 percent to 19,452.61 points. However, sales remained thin, as did the other Asian trading venues, as investors were eagerly waiting for possible signals to the monetary policy from the Reserve Bankers' Summit in Jackson Hole. "It is very difficult to predict what will happen in the speeches of Fed CEO Janet Yellen and ECB President Mario Draghi," said analyst Jung Sung-yoon from broker Hyundai Futures.
The Swiss Market Index (SMI) increases by 0.1 percent in the pre-market, which was calculated by Julius Baer. Yesterday, the lead index closed 0.2 percent lower at 8943 points.
The speech of Janet Yellen from today afternoon (4 pm CEST) is expected with excitement. Investors are hoping the US banknote will be pointing to the planned removal of the billion-fold Fed securities holdings. The ECB boss Mario Draghi, who will be speaking in Europe after the end of the trading session (9 pm CEST), will also be taking part in the central bank's summit. Investors will pay attention to all comments on the euro exchange rate.
All SMI stocks record above-market, but in a very small margin between plus 0.05 and plus 0.15 percent.
SWITZERLAND SWITZERLAND: $ SMI + 0.10%. $ ABBN, $ ADEN, $ CSGN, and $ UBSG. $ OERL -0.6%. Other shares held up slightly higher.
– cashInsider (@cashInsider) August 25, 2017
Oil prices rose on Friday in early trading. A barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent for delivery in October cost 52.42 USD in the morning. That was 38 cents more than the previous day. The price of a barrel of the American variety West Texas Intermediate (WTI) rose by 33 cents to 47.76 dollars.
In the further course of the day, investors will note the publication of new data on the oil wells in the USA. In the past, the strongest decline since January had occurred here.
In addition, we will see the extent and consequences of Hurricane "Harvey", which, according to the US National Hurricane Center, will reach the US state of Texas on the night of Saturday. The hurricane is currently classified as the lowest category. According to meteorologists, however, a negative surprise is also possible. Possible devastation could also affect oil production.
As Hurricane Harvey Nears, Millions Of Home At Risk Of Hurricane Stormsurge Damage https://t.co/jY3hVcfSPN
– Emerge Biz Solutions (@ebstt) August 25, 2017
Japan's stock markets have grown due to the stable yen on Friday. The deal was ahead of the tense-eulogized speeches by Fed chief Janet Yellen and ECB president Mario Draghi at the note-maker meeting in Jackson Hole. Investors were afraid of big commitments, said traders. They were waiting for evidence from Draghi on the ECB's exit from the bond purchases. According to insiders, this is not to be expected.
The Nikkei index rose 0.5 percent to 19,440 points. On weekdays, however, the Nikkei has lost 0.3 percent and is therefore the sixth consecutive week in minus. This is the longest loss track on weekdays since January 2014.
The dollar stabilized on the foreign exchange market. The US currency traded at 109.64 yen. That helped export values ​​like Toyota or Honda. The euro was for $ 1.1793.
(Cash / AWP / Reuters)


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