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+++ Exchange Ticker +++ – Swiss Exchange: Waiting for the US Labor Market Report News

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Economy

The lead index SMI started with slight advances into the day, had to give it however, and now comes on the spot. The US labor market report will decide in the afternoon about the direction of the US dollar and thus ultimately also over the week closing with the shares, a dealer said.
The Swiss Market Index (SMI) traded at 11.50 am with 8'928.92 points, practically on the closing price of Thursday. The 30 Swiss Leading Swiss Index (SLI), which does not include the full weighting, is gaining 0.16% to 1'424.63.
In the blue chips, Aryzta, the last buffoon of the bakery group, is now leading the way, together with Sonova (+ 1.3% each).
The heavyweights of Roche (+ 0.1%), Nestlé and Novartis (-0.2% each) hardly move from the spot. The UBS (-0.1%) and Credit Suisse (+ 0.1%) gross banknotes are also floating around the Nullin, while insurers like Swiss Re (-0.3%) or Bâloise (-0.6% ) Somewhat fall back.
Read the full lunch report here.
Stagnation on the Swiss stock exchange: investors are waiting for the US job data from the afternoon and the courses do not come from the spot. The market expectations for the "Jobs Report" are great, says a dealer.
The Swiss Market Index (SMI) is gaining 0.1% to 8'932 points at 10.45 am. The broad Swiss Performance Index (SPI) also increased by 0.1% to 10'1898 counts.
These are the current top and flop shares in the SMI:

The SMI is up 0.1 percent and reaches 8937 points. On Tuesday, the lead index slipped almost to 8'750 meters after another rocket test in North Korea.
The European markets are backed by good guidance from New York, where the Dow Jones and the S & P 500 are nearing new records. The hopes of a break in the rate hikes of the US central bank as well as tax gifts by Donald Trump had pushed geopolitical risks into the background, it said.
The sentiment on the markets is rather friendly in the run-up to the important US labor market report. The market is expected to continue to develop well in the labor market of the world's largest economy, says a trader. Already on Wednesday better than expected data from the service provider ADP had pointed out and on Thursday the data on the initial applications for unemployment assistance were well received. In China, the sentiment in small and private industrial enterprises has improved better than expected in August.

Market Rallies Ahead of Jobs ReportADP data, income and spending & low inflation = perfect stormMy Commentaryhttps: //t.co/Wx5x3xiKhlRT
– Charles V Payne (@ cvpayne) August 31, 2017

The tableau shows no uniform picture after the start of trading. The Novartis papers, which contributed significantly to the upturn in the SMI on Thursday with a gain of 2.1 percent, are currently up 0.06 percent. Yesterday, the report on the US approval for the novel cancer therapy Kymriah had aroused the share.
The other heavyweights Roche (+0.25 percent) and Nestlé (+0.18 percent) were also positive, while UBS (-0.13 percent) and Credit Suisse (-0.14 percent) below. At Zurich (-0.21 percent), Alison Martin will replace Cecilia Reyes as Group Chief Risk Officer at the beginning of 2018. In October, the British exchanged from Swiss Re (-0.12 percent) to Zurich.
Meanwhile Sonova (+0.62 percent) with Arnd Kaldowski has appointed a successor for the leaving CEO Lukas Braunschweiler. Kaldowski comes from Danaher Corporation and will take over from Sonova in April 2018. As of October, he is already responsible for the three business areas of Hearing Aids, Retail and Cochlear Implants as well as for Research & Development, Supply Chain and IT.
In the broader market, Dormakaba (+ 2.95 per cent) are on the rise. Société Générale takes the cover of the closing specialist with "buy" and a price target of 1,050 CHF. On Thursday, Dormakaba finished trading at 864.50 CHF.
Apart from that, several smaller companies have reported on the course of the first half year with Zug Estates, Plazza, IVF Hartmann and CFT. While the real estate companies Zug Estates and Plazza increased earnings and profits, the financial broker CFT and the IVF Hartmann Group active in the field of medical consumables presented both declining results.
Meanwhile, the Asian stock exchanges have ended trading. The Japanese lead index Nikkei closed the day 0.2 percent higher with 19'691.47 points. The broader topix gained 0.1 percent. The stock exchanges in China, on the other hand, hardly changed.
The SMI moves upwards by 0.1 and reaches 8934 points before the stock exchange. All stocks are up, with Credit Suisse) (+ 0.14%) making the strongest moves (at pre-market rates).
From the US labor market data, investors hope to see the future monetary policy of Fed Fed. Experts surveyed by Reuters expect 180,000 new jobs to be created in the USA in August. The private employment agency ADP had already exceeded expectations on Wednesday with his data, according to him, last month 237,000 new jobs were created.
In the SLI, the Sonova share is up by only 0.1 percent. In the morning, it is known that CEO Lukas Braunschweiler will give up the head office next year and become a board member.

Sonova appoints Arnd Kaldowski as new CEO and successor of Lukas Braunschweiler https://t.co/TiXBMEk2S2
– Sonova (@SonovaGroup) September 1, 2017

The medical equipment manufacturer IVF Hartmann, the Compagnie Financière Tradition and the real estate companies Zug Estates and Plazza have produced results in the broad market.

The recent oil prices have fallen again. A barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent for delivery in October cost 52.73 USD in the morning. That was 13 cents less than the previous day. The price of a barrel of the American variety West Texas Intermediate (WTI) fell by 31 cents to 46.92 dollars.

Floods caused by the tropical storm "Harvey" had led to the failure of refineries in the USA and the prices fluctuated more strongly.

The Nikkei index with the standard values ​​increases by 0.04 percent to 19'653 points. In the course of the week the Nikkei won 1.2 percent – after six weeks with losses. But analysts Yutaka Miura from the securities trader Mizuho said that investors were back in the labor market report in the US. They wanted to see whether conclusions could be drawn from the job data on the US interest rate policy and the dollar would then rise or fall to the yen.
(Cash / AWP / Reuters)


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