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Ex-World Champion Villeneuve: No desire for podium interviews …

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Sports

01 September 2017 – 14:18
Jacques Villeneuve declares that he has not yet officially resigned. For this reason, he also rejects some of the activities of the former pilots

Jacques Villeneuve still does not feel too old to get into a racing car

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(cafetheology.org) – For some years, the podium interviews in the Formula 1 are a solid size. After each race, the top three on the podium are briefly questioned by a celebrity or a former driver on the most important race scenes. In the past, Jackie Stewart or Mark Webber have already taken over this job. However, former world champion Jacques Villeneuve has never played the questioner – and that has a good reason. "If you get this request, you are a driver who does not race any more – a former," Villeneuve describes his view of things The 'Journal de Montreal' and declares: 'But at this point I am not yet.' He adds, "I'll leave that to the others." Villeneuve is now 46 years old, and in 2015, among other things, a few races in the formula E.Fr the job of the "taxidermist" in the two-seater, the Canadian is not too bad. In Italy, the world champion of 1997 will once again take part in the "F1 Experience". "I agreed, because it is Monza – the temple of speed. I have always loved this course, and here is a great story"; Villeneuve explains his commitment this weekend. He also has not forgotten how to drive a Formula One car. "You're coming to the first corner, and you're right about what you have to do, but I have to admit that I've got a little belly because my ears are no longer so accustomed to this acceleration," he says, adding: "The engine has 880 PS, it's great, the steering and brakes are also very precise, it's great! "



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