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Ex-responsible: "Ferrari was thought of in the short term"

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Sports

September 7, 2017 – 3:48 pm
Ex-Ferrari man Pat Fry tells what Ferrari has been talking about in recent years: short-term thinking, outdated technology and a bad McLaren copy

Pat Fry worked for Ferrari between 2010 and 2014

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(cafetheology.org) – The former technical manager at Ferrari, Pat Fry, has given the Scuderia a negative testimony and made short-term thinking the main reason for waiting for a title in Formula One. Fry joined Ferrari in 2010 as the lead engineer and found frightening conditions there compared to his previous employer, McLaren. "When I started at Ferrari in mid-2010, I was really surprised how outdated their technology was compared to McLaren," Fry says against 'Sky Sports F1'. The tools for the racing simulations were ten or twelve years no longer actual and the wind tunnel had been quite dusty, as far as news is concerned. "The windspeed in the wind tunnel was quite slow, and it took quite a long time to get things under control." After Fry's arrival, Ferrari needed only six months to find out what was wrong with the wind tunnel. "And it took 1.5 years to repair it," he shakes his head. On the whole, it took a good three years until the existing problems had gotten away from the neck. The great shortcoming of Ferrari was at the time, that the whole organization was only intended at short notice. "It's simply the sheer pressure of Ferrari, you always wanted to make sure you do the best job at the weekend, but you need a long-term plan for several years," Fry said. "Somebody would have to think that you have to be at the top in three years, but nobody has done it, everything was a quick solution." One such example was the simulator, which had been specially created. But they had only been brought up, according to Fry, because one knew that competitor McLaren also had one. "Not because they thought it was the right thing," said the ex-Ferrari man. "It was fantastic," Fry said, "the work has been fantastic," Fry said "The wind tunnel that is now there is much better, its technology has improved over the last five or six years, and you need the right tools and tools the right engineers. "This is how Sebastian Vettel can seriously fight for the title this year, bringing the driver to Maranello ten years after team colleague Kimi Rikknen. McLaren has shown that with Honda even in the third year did not come to a green branch. Fry: "Of course, nobody expected it to be so difficult, but the view was long-term, now they have a different look, either staying with Honda and taking more pain or going to Renault at short notice a Renault factory and Red Bull. "



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