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Euphoric Purchase Recommendations – Stock Analysts Overlap News

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Economy

The cash insider is also active on Twitter at @cashInsider. Read on the stock of other brand-new observations on the Swiss stock market.
With us on the Swiss stock market, there is hardly a share that has not risen sharply over the last few years. If an analyst wants to recommend a stock that has already been run well, he must therefore already be deeply involved in the effect box – at least if he wants to take a look at the stock market with his company study.
One way is to feed the assessment model with the best possible assumptions and then to see what a course target is to come out – called "Blue Sky Scenario" in the Anglo-Saxon language.
And, indeed, the refined stock analysis is really nothing more than to promise the customer "the blue of the sky".
In the past 48 hours came to me in this context two aggressive purchase recommendations to ears:
The author of Helena, a company researcher for local Tesla supplier Bossard, started out. The name of the American auto automobile pioneer alone is enough to make the investor heart beat faster. The analyst, however, goes a step further and takes into account the revenue and profit contributions of two additional customers from the electric car industry in their "Blue Sky Scenario".
Should Tesla reach the ambitious own production targets and should both rivals Faraday Future and Lucid Motors start their production as planned, the study author for the stock of Bossard holds a price of 310 Swiss francs justified. From the previous closing price, this would correspond to an upside potential of not less than 50 percent.
Officially, the shares of the screw specialist from Zug at Helvea are still recommended for purchase with a price target of CHF 230.
A company study by Morgan Stanley is also euphoric about the luxury goods group Richemont. In the study, the author sees the shares recommended with "Overweight" and a price target of 103 francs recommended, even up to 150 francs.

The Richemont shares (red) leave the SPI (green) far behind (Source: www.cash.ch)
The "Blue Sky Scenario" is now more likely to be more probable than originally planned at the traditional company in Geneva, the analyst says. The reason: the jewelry business already accounts for around 60 percent of the year's operating profit. And this is the reason for the study author to expect a 12 per cent increase in profits over the coming years.
Up to now, Morgan Stanley's shares have been credited with an advance of 122 francs in the best circumstances. Of the 150 francs already mentioned, even an upside potential of 75 percent is derived, even though Richemont's securities have already risen by almost 30 percent this year.
The Merrill Lynch active medical analyst proves that even without "Blue Sky Scenario" aggressive buying recommendations can be pronounced. It carries out a 180-degree turn at Straumann and raises the shares of the dental implant manufacturer from Basel from "Underperform" to "Buy". The same can be said of the strong price target increase to 715 (previously 393) francs.
In the course of the acquisition-driven advance into the orthodontic market, Straumann is planning a further re-evaluation, this is the reason for the sudden confidence. If necessary, the analyst sees the share price even in the immediate vicinity of 1000 francs climb – which is equivalent to a hidden "Blue Sky Scenario".
If an American investment bank recommends a stock for sale, then 12 months later and 64 percent higher suddenly with a 60% higher price target to go to the starting point, I think this is rather thoughtful. The same applies to the aggressive purchase recommendations for the securities of Bossard and Richemont.
On Monday, Novartis bombed a bomb: at the end of January, Joe Jimenez, after eight years, wants to clear his chair at his own request. In his footsteps the research and development boss Vas Narasimhan.
Both in the media and in most analysts' comments, Jimenez received much encouragement for his many years of work.
Not so in a comment from the stock exchange of the Berenberg bank. Under Jimenez, a lot of mistakes were made at the headquarters in Basel, the author criticizes. As examples he leads the production problems at Sandoz, the homemade problems at Alcon as well as the disappointing market entry of several hoped-for new drugs like Entresto.

The Novartis shares have been on a roller coaster ride for weeks (Source: www.cash.ch)
The author is surprised by the fact that Jimenez had not been forced to leave his boss chair by pressure from the outside.
For Narasimhan, too, he finds not only praiseworthy words. His main criterion was that the future CEO would have an impressive CV, but – unlike his predecessors – had never stood before a business area and therefore had only limited experience of line experience.
Whether and what changes in Novartis under Vas Narasimhan will have to show. The stock market speculation since yesterday passed in any case deeply (see yesterday's column) …
The cash insider records and interprets market rumors as well as strategy, industry or corporate studies. Market rumors are deliberately not checked for their truth content. Rumors, speculation and everything that interested traders and market participants should be passed on to the readers. No responsibility is assumed for the correctness of the contents. The personal opinion of the cash insider does not have to correspond with that of the cash editor. The cash insider itself is active on the stock market. This is the only way to reach the necessary market proximity for this kind of news. The opinions expressed do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell to the reader.


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