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EU Commission calls for guarantee for peace in Ireland

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | World News

The European Commission is putting pressure on London. Apparently, she wants to submit to the British government five position papers with demands for Brexit. The documents have the potential to further strengthen the tensions between Brussels and London.

As the newspaper "The Guardian" reported, the paper on the Irish-British border offers conflict. EU chief trader Michel Barnier urges solutions to prevent a "hard border" and guarantee peace on the island of Ireland.

The British government recently excluded a return to a fortified frontier on Ireland. However, many questions concerning the control of immigrant citizens of other countries remained open. The nearly invisible border in the Hügelland is currently passed daily by 30,000 people without passport and goods controls.

The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are fearing economic losses and breaking old wounds in the former Civil War region through the new EU external borders. In the Northern Ireland conflict, pro-Irish Catholics led by the IRA underground organization fought pro-British Protestants.

EU urges the protection of regional food
Brussels explicitly stressed the responsibility of London for a solution to the question of the border – the decision of Great Britain for the Brexit only triggered the problems at all.

 Further demands of the EU Commission to London:

Legal protection of more than 3300 regional food from EU countries (for example, feta cheese, Parma ham, French burgundy) before plagiarism. All transit goods traded on the day of Brexit must be subject to the jurisdiction of the ECJ. British companies and the UK government must face financial penalties in breach of EU trade directives. Compliance with European data protection standards for sensitive EU documents. Failure to do so will result in the deletion or destruction of the documents. There is no discrimination against EU companies working on publicly funded infrastructure projects which had already begun before the Brexit. Brexit negotiations so far have been very tough and without tangible results. London has already presented several strategy papers, which, however, are largely vague. At the end of March 2019, the UK, the European single market and the customs union will leave the UK.

With its position papers, Brussels clarifies its intention to make clear arrangements for the divorce of Great Britain. The London government is trying to avoid this and instead enter into negotiations on a new trade agreement.


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