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Etengo: Large companies find IT freelancers too expensive

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | Gadgets

Scarce budgets and budget processes are a challenge for two-thirds (66 percent) of companies in the assignment of IT freelancers. This is evident from a survey of companies with 500 employees, carried out by Bitkom Research on behalf of the Personnel Service Manager Etengo (Germany). The representative study was presented on 12 September 2017.

Also for two out of three companies (65 per cent), the availability of the appropriate freelancer for the planned project start is a problem. The fact that there are freelancers with the necessary qualifications at all, 25 percent of the companies doubt.
IT freelancer: search costs too much time
Companies also need a lot of time and resources until a suitable IT freelancer is in the project. Thus on average four appointments with different candidates are needed before the right one is found. Four out of ten companies (42 per cent) even need five or more attempts. It is particularly difficult if there are only a few candidates with appropriate skills and knowledge. This is the case for 59 per cent of companies.
Furthermore, every second company (57 per cent) has to overcome legal obstacles or internal compliance requirements by means of an IT freelancer contract.
IT freelancers and team problems
There are also challenges in job creation: four out of ten companies (40 per cent) say that their own employees have difficulties accepting freelancers. In 36 percent of the companies, it is not clear whether the requested know-how should be provided internally or externally.

Seven out of ten companies (70 percent) say IT freelancers are of great importance to them. Every fourth company (24 percent) estimates that the importance of freelancers for their own company is very high. Of particular importance are the IT freelancers currently for companies with 1,000 to 1,999 employees. Here, 29 percent say that they rely heavily on freelancers. "The number of vacancies for IT specialists has jumped the mark of 50,000 jobs, companies from all industries are looking for IT experts, these are good times for IT freelancers who are active in this area," said Axel Pols, Bitkom Research.
Over the past six months, IT freelancers have taken one-fifth (20 percent) of project work hours. For the next six months, companies expect an average quarter of the project volume (25 percent) to be met by freelancers.


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