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Espionage: FBI puts US company close to Kaspersky

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Gadgets

The US federal police FBI recommends US companies to forego the use of Kaspersky products in the future. These would pose a threat to national security. Kaspersky strongly denies intensive cooperation with Russian intelligence agencies that they work only superficially to combat cybercrime.

According to the online magazine Cyberscoop, the FBI is currently preparing briefings to persuade companies in the US to terminate existing contracts with Kaspersky, or not to extend them at least. The use of these products is an "unacceptable threat" to national security. The FBI informs US companies that the IT security software company Kaspersky Lab is an unacceptable threat to the national security of the US. Special emphasis should be given to companies from the energy sector as well as companies using automated industrial control systems (Scada / ICS).
An "extremely disappointing step" of a government agency
Kaspersky comments on the alleged briefings – as expected – negative: "If these briefings really should be, this would be an extremely disappointing step by a government agency against an ethical company that adheres to all laws."
Kaspersky continues to resist the accusations. Previously, Bloomberg Newsweek had reported on alleged internal emails from Kaspersky that the company is coordinating its product development with the Russian secret service FSB. Kaspersky allegedly confirmed the authenticity of the mails, a claim that Kaspersky itself denies.

In the e-mails, scenarios are discussed for combating DDoS attacks. Kaspersky, however, denies that for this purpose, it is possible to collaborate with the intelligence service or to develop it specifically for these products.


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