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Erika Steinbach completes first election campaign

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | World News

Erika Steinbach has long been an outsider in political Berlin. The alienation began long before their departure from the CDU. In her first election campaign for the AfD, she is celebrated in Pforzheim as a heroine.

Pforzheim is the perfect location for what AfD-Presserprecher Christian Lüth has announced as the "highlight of the election" of his party. Many Russian Germans live here. The AfD has a direct mandate in Pforzheim with the Baden-Württemberg parliamentary election. And on this late summer evening the AfD also has the perfect electoral campaign. The former CDU politician Erika Steinbach sits on the podium next to the AfD top candidates for the Bundestag election, Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland.

Although the Frankfurt Bundestag deputy and former president of the Federation of Expellees is sometimes just as provocative on Twitter as the Afd-Vice Beatrix von Storch. Nevertheless, it still emanates enough of the bourgeois splendor that the AfD, which is continually plagued by scandals, so thirsts.

  Steinbach left the CDU at the beginning of 2017 with violent verbal attacks on Chancellor Angela Merkel, for which she sat for 26 years in the Bundestag. Specifically, she criticized the euro rescue policy, the accelerated nuclear phase-out, and the Chancellor's refugee policy. She still does today.

Steinbach and the former CDU State Secretary Gauland have known each other for 40 years. The fact that Steinbach is now active in the AfD election campaign, but is not just a friendship service. She says most of the AfD's positions were formerly part of the DNA of the CDU. In other words, the party has become left and more liberal; it has stood still, where it has always stood.

 Fear of a "population exchange"
This is also true of many AfD supporters in Pforzheim, who had formerly made their cross at the CDU. He is "Christian and conservative," emphasizes Afd candidate Waldemar Birkle. The Spätaussiedler applies for the direct mandate in Pforzheim. He says, "If we do not exchange our government, the government will change us." A "population exchange" also warns the identity movement, which is observed by the constitutional protection.

Many of the more than 1,000 people who have come to the Pforzheim Congress Center this evening to cheer the AfD top candidates and Steinbach speak with similar tongues like Birkle. Some carry wooden crosses around their necks. On a T-shirt stands "Alone Jesus saves". Gauland applauds when he praises Russia as a "Christian bulwark against an Islamic takeover".

"The Future of Our Fatherland"
The audience here is different from AfD events in East Germany. A bit older, somewhat bourgeois. The "Merkel must go" calls are not quite as loud as at AfD rallies in Erfurt. Steinbach does not like to hurl Merkel, who has embraced her last year at a reception of the Federation of Expellees. She says the chancellor is "friendly and easy-going". But the Bundestag election was not about the people of Angela Merkel, but about "the future of our fatherland".

Outside the hall demonstrates nearly 300 opponents. They have brought whistles with them. Inside, AfD members distribute a brochure with "Fit4Return". According to the wishes of the AfD, the asylum seekers are to return to their countries of origin. The CDU members, who make the election campaign in Baden-Württemberg, are called "The Witnesses Angels" here.


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