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Erdogan attacks Gabriel: "Who are you?"

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 | World News

Tensions in German-Turkish relations have intensified on Saturday. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan personally attacked Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD). The federal government had previously reacted with indignation to Erdogan's interference in the German election campaign.

In a speech before supporters in the province of Denizli, the Turkish state prompted Gabriel to warn him against further criticism of Turkey. "He knows no boundaries," Erdogan cursed. Speaking directly to the German minister, he said, "Who are you talking to the President of Turkey?

Gabriel tried to teach Turkey "a lesson", the state secretary rebelled, adding, "How long have you been in politics, how old are you?"

Erdogan interferes in German election campaign
Erdogan's renewed derailment did not follow one day after German top politicians, among them Gabriel, had refused any interference of the Turkish president in the German election campaign. Erdogan had previously asked Turkish voters in Germany not to vote for CDU, SPD or Greens during the Bundestag election.

On Saturday he repeated the call. These parties were enemies of Turkey and they had to be "given the best lesson". Gabriel was "a disaster". "It is not important for us whether Germany keeps the doors open or not," he said. "We have enough doors."

 In his round-the-clock attack, the Turkish state also focused on Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). He had given "the lady at the head of Germany" a list of 4500 Turkish terrorists, but this had not been accepted. Merkel, however, had asked him to release Germans imprisoned in Turkey. "I'm sorry if they have a judiciary, so we have one here too," Erdogan said.

Ankara leaves Cologne writers
On Saturday it was also known that the German writer Dogan Akhanli had been arrested in Turkey at the instigation of Turkey. Akhanli comes from East Turkey, but is a German citizen. He is critical of the Turkish government. According to his lawyer, an "urgent note" was filed against him at Interpol. The German embassy in Madrid asked the Spanish government to refrain from extradition.

  SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz spoke of a process of "really dramatic meaning". Erdogan is now "citizens of our country on the territory of member states of the European Union" as part of his "paranoid counter-coup". Green party chairman Cem Özdemir told the "Tagesspiegel am Sonntag" that the police cooperation with Turkey had to be revaluated. "Obviously, Turkish justice does not work according to the principles of the rule of law," said Özdemir.


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