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Ending with funny: Force India is threatening pilots with a racing barrier!

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | Sports

27. August 2017 – 7:38 pm

Already at the start came the Force India clearly too close

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(cafetheology.org) – end with funny! Force India has the faxes with his pilots Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon fat. Because they have crossed the car in Spa-Francorchamps again this season and have cost the team a lot of points again, the team takes them on the leash immediately and forbids a team-internal fight. "In the future, they will never have the opportunity again," says Otmar Szafnauer, director of the company, clearly after the race. Even if other team-internal collisions occur, the team is even threatening their drivers with a racing barrier! "Yes, if that happens again, we have to consider that," continues Szafnauer and goes the same way, the Mercedes with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton once went. "We need to think about who we're going to put into the car," Force India is at risk for Perez and Ocon. Actually, the Indians had left their drivers free, because the fans would like to see Racing, "but when it comes to The safety and the accidents, we will take it into our own hands, "says Szafnauer. Too often, Perez and Ocon have abused the team's trust. Already in Canada came the first slap, in Baku one messed up a possible podium with a collision – and today one came twice twice dangerously into the cross.Unverständnis over "stupid" drivers "We have let them drive so far, but if They can not do it in a way that is good for the team, they will not be free at all, "says Szafnauer. In Belgium, the drama took its start at the start. On the way to Eau Rouge, Perez Ocon pressed hard into the wall on the right. In round 26, part 2 of the story followed: Again, the Mexican pressed his team-mate on the way to Eau Rouge to the right – at Ocon flew the front wing, at Perez the right behind tire snapped "What the hell is this guy there?" Frenchman in the radio and even claimed a racing barrier for his stable companion. Even after the race his temper had not yet cooled down: "This is not acceptable, we risk our lives for nothing," he shakes his head. He was not the only one to disbelieve in the two collisions: "Someone has to say to them," Niki Lauda is also stunned. "The Eau Rouge is the most dangerous "What the two people are saying is to drive into the cart so that the one does not get away from the wall and then crashes into the corner with a tire damage is unbelievable," he says, agreeing with his Mercedes Motorsportchef Toto Wolff, who described the situation as "irresponsible and stupid." Ocon: He risked my lifeAnd how do the two drivers actually explain the incidents? At least the collision at the start takes Perez on his cap: "That was 100 percent my fault," he says. Perez entered the wrong mode at the start and had a maximum of 50 percent power. "I had a good start, but then (Nico) Hülkenberg and somebody else went inside, so it was pretty chaotic, so I had not the right amount of energy." Can the air be cleared? Thick air between both force-India pilots. Perez announces a conversation with Ocon, and Ocon also wants to take Perez to his chest: "I will tell him the truth and not be afraid of him, if hard words fall, then it should be so." But right after the race, none of the drivers were ready for a debate. "I saw the two in the paddock after the race," says former engineer Pat Symonds. "They have passed each other wordlessly, but they have not said anything about the incidents."


"I understand the point of Otmar totally", replies Ocon. "How many points have we lost today? We were in a great position, and that was just a stupid maneuver for no reason," shakes the Frenchman's head. "And what makes it even worse is that he is 28 years old and has driven seven years of Formula 1. He has to think about what he is doing." Maybe one of the two pilots will soon have the opportunity, When he has to look outside. The rod has put the bossetage already once in the window.


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