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Employers' Association – Employees Switzerland calls for two percent more wages for 2018 News

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Economy

The Swiss Trade Union Confederation (SGB) and the trade union association Travail.Suisse had already submitted the same request. The industry has recovered from the franc shock and is benefiting from the upturn in Europe, writes Swiss employees on Saturday. This is why strong wage increases are indicated. For the latter, the deficit of the skilled workers and the rising inflation rate.
The approximately 20,000 members of Swiss employees work mainly in the machinery, electrical and metal industry (MEM) as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
Employees Switzerland relies on industry forecasts from Bakbasel. The research institute sees an increase in real gross value added by the MEM industry by two percent in the current year and by 3.2 percent in 2018. Labor productivity in the machinery industry is growing more strongly than in the metal industry.
Since the individual branches of the MEM industry are differently arranged, one accepts graded wage increases, writes employees Switzerland. For mechanical engineering this is two percent, for the metal industry at least 1.1 percent.
Bakbasel is also forecasting solid growth and a correspondingly higher gross value added for the chemical sector. Since the strengthening of competitiveness is also a merit of the employees, their wages should be increased by 1.1 to 1.8 percent, according to Swiss employees.
Two percent more salaries are to be paid to the employees of the pharmaceutical industry, Bakbasel continues to show a great potential for growth. Moreover, there is a need for Nachol in wages.
Reduced working time required
As a general rule, employees of Switzerland require flatter and more agile structures in companies. Increasing digitization makes dialogue between employers and employees indispensable. Stefan Studer, CEO of the Swiss employees, said that the focus should be on people, according to the announcement.
The transfer of jobs abroad would have to be completed thanks to the productivity gains resulting from digitalisation. On the contrary, shortening working hours would have to be the topic. Here, too, politics is required to create the appropriate framework conditions.


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