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Elon Musk: The Boring Company is allowed to dig a tunnel

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Boring Company goes into the underground. The city of Hawthorne, California, has agreed to Elon Musk's project to dig a tunnel under the urban area.

The Hawthorne Town Council approved the project with four to one vote, reports the local daily The Daily Breeze. The work could begin immediately.
The tunnel runs under a road
The tunnel will be about three kilometers long. It is supposed to be under a road that runs along the site of Musks space company SpaceX and a 90 degree turn. It is built at a depth of 13 meters under the municipal utilities such as pipelines.
Musk is planning a tunnel system in which the road traffic is to be relocated. This will allow drivers to get to their destination faster and without traffic jams. For this, he founded The Boring Company in January.
An elevator brings the car into the tunnel
Musks concept provides that a driver drives to an entry point. There an elevator brings his vehicle into the underground. The car is not driven by itself in the tunnel, but is brought to the destination by an electrically driven transport car at high speed. At the exit point, an elevator transports the vehicle back to the surface.

The Boring Company has shown that the concept can work: In the spring the company bought a tunnel boring machine and dug a tunnel under the grounds of SpaceX. The transport cart was tested in May in the hyperloop test tube of SpaceX. The car lift has recently been presented by The Boring Company.


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