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Elon Musk: Munich Students Win Hyperloop Competition

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | World News



German team wins Hyperloop competition The prototype reached a speed of 324 km / h.
 Munich students from the "Scientific Working Group for Rocket Technology and Space" (WARR) are working on their Hyperloop test capsule for the Tesla competition, which they later won. (Source: Reuters)
Munich students have won a competition of the space company SpaceX to the planned high-speed transport hyperloop.

At 324 kilometers per hour, its transport capsule accelerated in a 1.25 kilometer-long test tube, as the student organization "Scientific Working Group for Rocket Technology and Astronautics" (WARR) reported. The WARR is located at the Technical University of Munich.

WARR won by far 24 different groups
The Hyperloop is a vision of Tesla founder and SpaceX boss Elon Musk, who had also initiated the contest: In capsules, people are to travel from city to city by means of vacuum with sound velocity through tubes. Musk called the trip of the Munich capsule "incredible" and published a video of the ride through the tube on Twitter.

The WARR was able to contend with 24 other groups of students. The capsule of the second-placed group from Canada reached just over 100 kilometers per hour. Already at the last competition in January, one capsule of WARR had been the fastest. At that time, it still reached 94 kilometers per hour. The students did not yet reach the speed of their capsule, which is more than 1200 kilometers per hour.


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