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Elektroroller: Beginning in the Electromobility from 2.000 Euro

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | Gadgets

The new Niu M1 is a scooter for the short circuit, which is charged at the normal socket. For this purpose, the current store can be found. The drive comes from Bosch, the Akkukellen come from LG and Panasonic. The scooter is available in two versions, which differ in their weight and the batteries. The M1S with 800 watt motor weighs 57.7 kilograms, the M1 Pro with 1,200 watt motor about 59 kilograms. The batteries should have a range of about 50 to 60 km. Without the possibility of being able to ride at the target, the driver can thus only take off 25 to 30 km from his charging station in order to return electrically again.

The standard charging time is six hours, with a quick charger the battery should be full again after three hours.

    Niu M1 (Picture: Niu)

The base variant Sport costs from 2,000 euros, runs 40 km / h and the up to 45 km / h fast pro version costs from 2,300 euros. The scooters are networked, they can be localized by smartphone and the battery can be accessed remotely.
In Berlin and Paris, the electric rental scooters from Coup are currently a great success and not to be imagined from the cityscape. The Sharing Service Coup gives the scooters via smartphone app. Helmets are included in the rental price. The scooters can be driven by owners of a car driving license. User is not responsible for charging. Drivers pay three euros for 30 minutes use or 20 euros for 24 hours. In comparison, the driver of a Niu M1 Sport, which costs 2,000 euros, would rent a coup scooter 100 days round the clock. The electricity price has not yet been taken into account.


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