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Electronics: BSB rules according to Giugliano not applicable

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Sports

21. August 2017 – 15:45

Davide Giugliano did not experience a simple World Cup comeback on the Lausitzring

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(cafetheology.org) – Davide Giugliano returned to the Superbike World Championship at the end of the race on the Lausitzring. The Italian, who spent many years racing for Ducati, took over the second Honda Fireblade and joined the team of Ronald ten Kate alongside Stefan Bradl. After the World Cup last year, Giugliano accepted an offer from the British Championship (BSB) for 2017, but separated from Tyco-BMW after a serious crash. In the BSB, the Romans had to get used to many changes. The most distinctive difference is the complete renunciation of electronic tools such as traction control, anti-wheelie control and co. The return to the driving aids continues to be a habit. In the private test before the end of the race, the Italian got to know the World Championship Honda and went optimistically to the work. "My first impression of the bike was very good, the bike fits my driving style, it's normal that there is still work to be done, because it is a new motorcycle," commented Giugliano in conversation with cafetheology.org Is a bit tricky for me, because I did not have any electronic driving aids in the BSB, the driver has to have a certain driving style, the electronics of the motorcycles play an important role in the Superbike World Championship, "says the Superstock -1000 champion of the season 2011. "I also enjoyed the BOD bike, but it is difficult to say what is better. I like to ride the bike without any tools, but I drove many years in the World Cup with the electronic "Giugliano says," he says, without questioning whether he could imagine driving without electronics in the Superbike World Championship. "" No, "he comments without one Second rn. The motivation is simple: the WM is often driven at high temperatures. The motorcycles have more power than the machines in the BSB and the racetracks are significantly faster than the often very angled BOD courses. "It would be really better to continue using the electronic tools in the Superbike World Cup," he emphasizes.

With the character of the Ducati Panigale, Davide Giugliano is very familiar

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But it was not only the return to the electronic travel aids that made Giugliano difficult. The character of the Fireblade with its Screamer-Reihenvierzylindermotor is unfamiliar to the Italian. Giugliano was very familiar with the Ducati Panigale. "The Ducati has a different torque curve, it is difficult to compare the machines and I have a lot of experience with the characteristics of the Ducati," he says , But comes to a surprising realization: "I would say the Honda is easier to drive through the four-cylinder engine." On the comeback on the Lausitzring, Giugliano did not score points. In race one, he had to turn off the Honda with a technical problem. In the second race, he finished the 17th and lost about 25 seconds to Teamkollege Stefan Bradl, the 13th. Giugliano missed more than 20 seconds.


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