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Electricity: China wants to abolish combustion engines

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Gadgets

No combustion engines in the Middle Kingdom: The Chinese government plans to ban cars with conventional engines. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Xin Guobin at an event of the automobile industry in Tianjin, reports the official news agency Xinhua.

Some countries already have a timeframe when they can not build and sell vehicles with a conventional drive, Xin said. In China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is working on a timetable. Automotive manufacturers should adjust their strategy accordingly. When such a ban will come into force is not yet clear.
Most cars are built in China
This announcement has weight: China is the largest automotive market in the world. Since 2008, most cars have been built there. In 2016 it was 28 million cars – about one third of the cars built last year. However, China is not just ahead in the case of vehicles with an internal combustion engine: in 2016 China overtook the USA as the largest sales market for electric cars. There are about half a million electric cars registered. In addition, there are more than 200 million electric two-wheelers and over 300,000 electric buses.
A switch to electric cars could reduce the demand for oil. China is the second largest consumer of petroleum. This should have a positive impact on the environment. China has a massive environmental problem: in many parts of the country, there is smog, especially in the winter, when coal fires are added to the exhaust gases of transport, industrial plants and coal-fired power plants. Shanghai is among the cities with the worst air pollution in the front seats.

Some countries want to abolish combustion engines
The example is a few European countries: In the Netherlands, last year, the Social Democrats demanded that no more cars be burned that burn fossil fuels. As of this year, only non-exhaust-fueled passenger cars and smaller commercial vehicles will be sold in Norway. The governments of France and the UK want to abolish combustion engines in 2040.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has recently expressed her opinion on a ban on combustion vehicles. At one point, however, she did not want to commit herself. In the current Bundestag election campaign, the future of mobility is an important issue. The parties' ideas are very different.


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