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Electrician: Lilium gets 90 million US dollars from investors

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Gadgets

The German developer of electric aircraft Lilium has earned 90 million dollars with investors. The company from Munich is developing a five-seat aircraft, which should go into series, co-founder and chief Daniel Wiegand on Tuesday of the German press agency.

With the first investment money of 10 million dollars Lilium had developed and tested a prototype, which can start and land vertically. At the same time, unlike the competition models, the aircraft flies like a classic airplane rather than a big drone.
36 engines are to have a range of 300 kilometers
In this way, the Lilium Jet can fly up to 300 kilometers in one hour flight and fly faster and farther than other electrical machines. The machine is driven by 36 electric motors in the wings.
"We have built a prototype that demonstrates that the technology itself works – but the bigger one is the prototype to the approved standard aircraft," said Wiegand. For this reason, the scope of tests for approval, as well as the detailed design effort, is now many times higher. "We will certainly make a financing round before we are on the market in series, but you can make a lot with 90 million, also in the aircraft development."

Long-term autonomous operation
The work will take several years – "there are similar time horizons as in other flight projects". Lilium is planning a pilot for the next five to ten years – "but in the long term we will see the autonomous operation," said Wiegand.

Small electric aircraft, which can start and land vertically, are to be used, for example, as air taxis. In addition to start-ups, the aircraft builder Airbus is also working on this. Only in the summer, Daimler invested in the also German aircraft developer Volocopter, who wants to test his dron-like machines in Dubai.


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