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Electric car: Lina can be composted

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Gadgets

No, you can not eat this car, even if Lina is partially biodegradable. The chassis of the 3.5 m long electric car, which can accommodate up to four people and can travel 80 km per hour, consists of a honeycomb structure embedded in two flax fiber composite panels. The honeycombs consist of polylactides – a completely biodegradable plastic. PLA does not decompose in nature. Technical composting procedures are required.

    Lina (Picture: Technical University of Eindhoven)

Lina is to be the world's first compostable car. According to a report from Composites Manufacturing Magazine, the Lina weighs only 300 kg without battery and without battery. It is a fact that the biodegradability refers only to body and chassis because the drive, the battery, the wheels and the chassis are not biobased materials yet, said Yanic van Riel, one of the developers of the TU / Ecomotive team at the Eindhoven Technical University, The news agency Reuters.
Low weight of the electric car provides greater range
The low weight ensures that the required battery size is also significantly reduced. The lithium-ion battery pack weighs only 30 kg and is sufficient to supply Lina with power for a range of 100 km. Two motors are used in the vehicle.

The prototype has not passed any crash tests. According to the person responsible, the material will not bend like metal, but will break. If the Dutch vehicle authority permits, Lina is still to be tested on public roads in 2017. It is not known whether the project will be commercialized.


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