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Elections in Germany – Euro-policy of the German Liberals could add to Southern Europe News

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Economy

Berl In any coalition with the Liberals, there will be a dispute over the rescue policy for the euro countries to be attacked, the rating agency Scope predicted in a paper that Reuters newspaper agency on Tuesday. In addition, the FDP positions in the federal government would increase the likelihood of tensions if Greece needed further financial support after the end of its current aid program 2018.
The discussions on the denial of aid for euro countries alone could make the debt of the affected countries more expensive and thus trigger a crisis. In view of the intensification of EU debt rules agreed upon in 2012 and demands for a Greek exit from the euro, Martin Lück, capital market strategist at Blackrock's world's largest asset manager, warned: "I am concerned that a strong reaction to the bond markets could occur in a future government coalition with demands for faithful fulfillment of the Fiskalpakt or even after the exclusion of Greece. " He emphasized that he did not want to make a recommendation for the Bundestag election.
Dorothea Schäfer from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) also commented: "I dare to doubt whether the financial markets would be perfectly happy if the FDP were to succeed."
To allow euro-exit
She pointed out the demands of the FDP to develop an insolvency regime for states in the euro zone. According to the FDP election program, the European treaties are also to be modified in such a way that countries can leave the euro without losing their EU membership. The Liberals are also proposing automatic sanctions to meet the requirements of the Stability and Growth Pact of the EU. The euro rescue umbrella ESM, the financially under the arms of the affected countries, and is to be converted into a European monetary fund according to the will of the Union, the FDP wants to go back and finally even completely.
Despite these demands, there is so far no increased nervousness on the bond markets. He also does not assume that the returns of the southern euro countries would react to this big, said Chief Volker Cyrus de la Rubia of the HSH Nordbank.
One reason for this would be the still unclear perspective as to whether the FDP would enter into coalition talks at all. In current polls, she is fighting against Greens, Left and Afd for the place as third strongest force in the new Bundestag behind Union and SPD. Whether for FDP parties Christian Lindner compromises in the euro-politics would be red lines for a government participation, is currently open. On Sunday the party will decide ten points as the basis for possible coalition talks.


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