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Election programs of the six established parties

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | World News

On August 30, the election O-Mat will be released and will help to orient voters to the Bundestag election 2017. Would you like to get an overview online? Here you can find all the important party programs as download and further information:

On the 24th of September the Bundestag election 2017 takes place. Six parties have the best prospects to enter the 19th German Bundestag:

Which party do you choose in the 19th Bundestag? A look into the long election programs is elaborate, but can be worthwhile. (Source: Christian Ohde / imago)

CDU / CSU: "For a Germany in which we live well"
The sister parties CDU and CSU are already optimistic about a "government program" instead of an election program. It was decided on 3 July. The CSU has also adopted its own "Bayernplan". Here you can find out about the election program:

SPD: "It's time for more justice: safeguarding the future, strengthening Europe"
Also the Social Democrats call their election program confident "government program". It calls for the "strengthening of Europe" and was presented for the first time on 23 May but later expanded with new points. All information can be found here:

Left: "The future for which we are fighting – socially just, peace for all"
At the beginning of July the Left adopted its election program for the Bundestag election in 2017. They fight for "peace for all". Here you can find the complete program:

Alliance '90 / Greens: "The future is made of courage"
The Greens published their election program in June and want to convince through '' courage ''. Here you can find out more about the contents:

FDP: "We Think New"
On 17 May the Liberals published their election program. Your '' new thinking '' can be viewed at the following links:

AfD: "Program for Germany"
A day later than the FDP, the alternative for Germany presented its election program for the Bundestag election. For more information, see:

On this website for the 2017 Bundestag election you will find further information on smaller parties, which we do not name here for reasons of space.


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