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Eleague: Watch E-Sports Tournaments in 360-Degree VR

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Gadgets

The E-Sports League Eleague wants to use new techniques for the current Counter-Strike tournament Eleague Premier 2017, which should give the viewer a more informative overall picture. These include taking real-time eye movements, a dashboard, and the use of Virtual Reality.

The Eleague wanted to make the spectator experience more interesting, it says. It is often asked who won instead of the team. The Eleague works together with several partners.
Where does the AWP-Flick-Shot go?
According to the company Tobii, an eye tracking sensor is available, which analyzes the eye movements of the Progamer in real time. A software transfers this information to a blue circle, which indicates where the player is looking. The circle is visible only to the viewer. Moreover, this system is not a distraction for the players on site. The signal is evaluated on a separate computer and transferred to the Livestream. The moderators of the league can also let this information flow into their game comments.
A second partner is the big-data start-up Dojo Madness. This company develops software that summarizes the movements and actions of games in a dashboard. In this way, players' performance, such as the hit rate or entry frags, can be evaluated live. A function is also to create a kind of heatmap that displays the movements of teams and confrontations on the map. For example, viewers know whether or not the A-Execute has been played on the de_mirage card, or on which positions the player likes to play.

Look at the 360-degree angle in VR
Matches are also to be viewed in Virtual Reality. According to the online magazine Venturebeat, the company Sliver.tv has applied ten million US dollars to convert a 2D signal into a 360-degree VR signal. The resulting stream material can be viewed online and with a VR headset. This technique is also to be available soon for other e-sports leagues and events like the Dreamhack and the Electronic Sports League (ESL). Supported are all VR headsets except Playstation VR.

    In the Eleague, renowned teams play a million dollars. (Picture: Eleague)

The qualifying rounds for the Eleague Premier 2017 have already begun. Many well-known CS: GO teams are present there and play for a total prize money of one million US dollars. On the 8th and 9th of September teams from group A: Faze, Navi, G2 and a previously unknown qualifying team will play. The Eleague shines alongside CS: GO now also tournaments for Blizzard's team shooter Overwatch and the Beat-Em-Up game Streetfighter V.


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