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E-Sport: LoL-Team H2K raises serious accusations against Riot Games

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Gadgets

In an open letter, the e-sports top team H2K (Hard to Kill) threatens to no longer face League of Legends. Reason: Annually because of the unjust distribution of the total income the developer and ligon driver Riot Games would make a lot of money – but alone with H2K the losses amounted to one million euros a year. The "most other League-of-Legends teams also lose money," says the management of H2K, who wrote the letter.

H2K is one of the most successful teams in the League of Legends – at the beginning of September 2017, the players finished fourth in the EU LCS finals in Paris. The team has earned around US $ 425,250 in prize money since 2015, making it the world's number one and the number one in Europe. Like nearly all teams, H2K also generates the bulk of its revenues thanks to various contracts with sponsors.
In addition, the e-athletes receive a certain portion of the revenue that Riot Games achieved, among other things, with the sale of game objects in League of Legends and the sale of tickets for tournaments. H2K writes in his open letter that Riot Games a year with the itemshop about 2 billion US dollars in sales and more than 50 million US dollars over TV contracts.

H2K would like to get a bigger share of this money. "Without H2K and the other teams in the Profiliga there would be no games for the spectators to watch", correspondingly the sales of Riot Games without the E-athletes "dramatically" go back. That is why H2K announces that it will end up at the end of the 2017 season from the EU-LCS-League, if Riot Games does not add at least 850,000 US dollars to the team through sales or other support.

Part of this money could be linked to the achievement of certain numbers of spectators, performance in tournaments, or verifiable contributions to the development of the League of Legends brand. It also had to ensure that the next league was structured in such a way that the H2K and the other teams tended to gain a value and not be weakened – which could happen by new, smaller competitors. Riot Games has not yet publicly debated the topic.


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