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E-mobility – According to the study, electric cars are 30 percent "more ecological" than diesel engines News

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | Economy

Electric mobility will be the decisive factor for political climate change in a study. Already, an e-car of the middle class had an advantage in greenhouse gas emissions compared to a comparable diesel vehicle of a third, according to a study by the Öko-Institut.
Both the use and the production of the vehicle were taken into account. In the production alone the E-car cuts however at the moment even worse than the diesel. "The advantage will increase significantly in the future," said Florian Hacker from the Öko-Institut. The increase in the share of electricity from renewable energy alone will be noticeable here.
The transport sector is regarded as the biggest problem in climate policy, as more and more cars are rolling on the streets, with increasingly powerful engines. For this reason, practically no greenhouse gas was saved here compared to 1990. This has not changed the use of diesel vehicles, which emit less CO2 than petrol engines with the same engine power.
Model offensive of the manufacturers
The Eco-Institute now made it clear that the replacement of the current car fleet by electric cars alone will not be enough. "The electric SUV can not be the solution," Hacker said. There must be meaningful vehicles with moderate resource consumption. Also in battery manufacture, there would have to be more products from the recycling of metals, for example, in order to further improve the eco-balance of the electric cars.
The framework conditions should also be changed in Europe. Also, more electricity from wind or sun would be necessary: ​​if 75 percent of the current cars were to drive electrically, one would need the complete wind energy generated in Germany in 2015 alone.
Several manufacturers have announced a model offensive for electric cars at the IAA in Frankfurt, a show that is also under the political pressure of the diesel scandal. In the important sales market of China, there has also been a strong shift towards electromobility.
(Reuters / cash)


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