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E-Government: Security gap found in Estonian eID card

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Estonian government has confirmed a potential security breach in the country's eID card. Around 750,000 cards issued since 2014 are to be affected by the problem. The card can be used in the Baltic state to choose to sign up a company or sell a car.

In the security issue, the government, which has been pointed out by an international researcher, writes: "Theoretically, it is possible to use the ID card for personal identification and digital signature without having the card or PIN code . " It is not enough, however, to know the public key of the certificate used to unlock the card. "Large computing capacities for the calculation of the secret key and special software" are necessary for this.
Exploitation should not be practical
Therefore, exploiting the security gap of the ID card is "difficult and expensive". No cases were known in which this had happened. Apart from the card itself, a user name and password are still required for most services. The security gap is based on the combination of software and the chip used since 2014, it says in the FAQ. The results of the security researchers are to be presented in autumn at a conference.
A recall of the cards is not to take place at present. Also in the upcoming elections in October, the maps are to be used according to current knowledge. Estonia is trying to export its e-government services and offers foreigners a digital citizenship in order to found Estonian companies. Lastly, Estonia presented a concept for a state crypt-diet.


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