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Ducati warns that unit electronics has not only advantages

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Sports

30. August 2017 – 11:40

From the WSBK into the series: Ducati uses the Rennsport for the development

© Ducati

(cafetheology.org) – It is only a matter of fact that in the 2019 season the unit electronics will also be introduced in the Superbike World Championship. After the positive experiences in the MotoGP, rights owner Dorna would like to use the advantages in the future in the WSBK. In addition to the long-term lower costs, the proponents of the unit electronics sector promise above all more equal opportunities. Workers like Kawasaki and Ducati can no longer play their resources so well and smaller teams are supposed to find the connection. But, according to Ducati Superbike project manager Ernesto Marinelli, the idea of ​​unit electronics has also some disadvantages. According to Marinelli, the introduction is not yet decided: "It is still decided As the use of unit tires is good for the sport, and on the other hand it is not so easy to eradicate an important reason for a manufacturer's racing sport commitment, "warns the Italian in conversation with 'cafetheology.org' Important for the manufacturers, "emphasizes Marinelli, who is afraid that the manufacturers will lose interest in the Superbike World Championship:" Racing is interesting for a manufacturer because the brand is advertised and the development is driving forward to improve the road machines Eager to work with the electronics. With a single ECU and a uniform software one would not develop any further "Marinelli can clearly understand the motives of the series promoters:" From the organizers' point of view, you want balanced racing. Ideally, all manufacturers are equally strong. Then many riders can fight against each other. The use of a unit electronics is agreed upon. It is then decided that uniform spring elements should be used. The Ducati Superbike World Championship has been extremely important for Ducati since the development of the electronics took place here. "We can currently do no more Experience from the Superbike World Championship in MotoGP use. But we can develop things here, which we later use in the road machines. We have our own software and relevant professionals who are concerned with this, "reports Marinelli.

Ducati strategist Ernesto Marinelli is unconvinced by the unified electronics

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Is the Ducati Superbike project manager, therefore, an opponent of unit electronics? "No, I did not want to say that, I agree with 50 percent and refuse it 50 percent," he adds, adding: "For the manufacturers, it is a step back because because of the then lacking development one of the But it is a good thing for the promoters, because the races will probably be more balanced and fewer resources will be needed to match the electronics. "Unit rules always aim to make the races more exciting for the fans To come to their own expense. However, for the teams, unit tires or unit electronics are not necessarily a relief. On the contrary: "Tires are now an issue for my team, which did not exist before, when the tire supplier was a sponsor of the team and provided us with material and financial support For the excitement in the race when there is only one manufacturer and the performance is balanced, "notes Marinelli. The black gold in focusHinzu is that the single-tire model provokes constant discussions because certain tires work better with certain machines. The motorcycles are no longer trimmed to the ultimate performance, but are to be optimally adapted to the tires specified in the respective series. In the MotoGP, the Michelin tires currently decide on victory or defeat.

Can the introduction of the unit ECU still be stopped?

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There are similar problems in the Superbike World Championship. "Looking at the tires, the weight distribution and the tuning play a part. There are some tires that are preferred by other manufacturers, which we do not even need to use because they do not harmonize with our motorbike," explains Marinelli Past tires no longer in stock, which harmonized well with the Ducati? "It was already happening," the Ducati manager remarks, "not only once," he says, "the tire manufacturer must make sure that everyone is satisfied with the tires they offer But wait a moment for the situation. "


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