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Drought deliveries: Pizza and beer soon fly in Iceland

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Gadgets

The delivery of goods and food by drone has already been tested in many places. In Iceland, the Israeli drone logistics company Flytrex is now cooperating with the service provider AHA to operate a delivery service in Reykjavík, which will, among other things, deliver food, as The Verge reports.

Flytrex does not produce any drones, but focuses on designing the logistics for deliveries of drones. To this end, the company cooperates with the regulatory authorities (Icelandic Transport Authority), trains staff, and builds the software and infrastructure through which the delivery of the drones takes place.
The drone uses modified DJI Matrice 600 Hexacopter to deliver food and other products. At AHA the drone is equipped, flies over a bay and transports the goods to the deliverer. Deliveries lasting more than half an hour can now be realized in a few minutes.
In this case, the matinee is attached a cargo space with which the drone can transport loads of up to three kilograms of payload over ten kilometers. For many goods of the daily requirement is enough without problems.
In the future, more drones will be deployed to increase the number of deliveries. Currently, two drones are taking about 20 flights a day. In future, the drones are also to fly directly to the end customers. However, they should not be allowed to land but on a cord.

Also the supermarket chain 7-Eleven supplies some customers in Reno in the US state Nevada by drone. The transports take the Startup Flirtey. In 2015, the company first delivered drugs via the drone in the US. In New Zealand, the company, together with the fast-food chain Domino's Pizza, has tested the delivery of pizza by air freight.


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