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Dovizioso: loyalty to Ducati his key to success 2017?

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Sports

13. September 2017 – 06:35

Already four times Ducati with Dovizioso 2017 were pleased about a victory

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(cafetheology.org) – Already in the middle of this MotoGP season, Andrea Dovizioso had to put up with the question of why he is now fighting for the title of World Cup at the age of 31 years. Not only his physical and psychological attitude has changed over the last ten MotoGP years, a main reason for his strong form in the season 2017 is his special relationship with Ducati. The Italian has to do something about this: "When I came to Ducati in 2013, we were in a similar situation. " Although Dovizioso had the fourth place in the championship on the Tech-3-Yamaha in the previous year, he did not make the breakthrough with his breakthrough on the second Japanese manufacturer. The Ducati team, two difficult years with Valentino Rossi, and the then 27-year-old wanted to start the new start together: "We wanted to go to the top together, which I had in common with the Ducati team." However, there was no rosy path ahead of the new partnership. While he was not able to make a single podium in 2013, he had two in 2014. He had to wait for the first Ducati victory to come to Malaysia 2016.That's been a lot of time, a lot of races, because we had a lot of difficulties, we fought a lot – internally, but that is one of the main reasons why we can now get such great results, "Dovizioso is convinced. This season, he has already won four victories, placing him in an elite circle of riders. Up to now, this piece of art has only been scored by six other pilots: Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner, Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa and Sete Gibernau. In the first 13 races, the Italian was able to score the highest number of points in the world championship of a Ducati driver at the time. And no pilot on a Desmosedici has been leading the championship table after 13 laps since Stoner took the title in 2007. With regard to these statistics, the 31-year-old says: "We have built this step by step since 2013. In many races we have lost or are second, but that has nevertheless created a strong relationship and commitment. " This was also clear when the team had to choose an Andrea after the commitment of Jorge Lorenzo and kept Dovizioso. "When the bike got better, I wanted to continue working in this direction, so we are now in such a good starting position." After the Italian home game in Misano, Dovizioso is together with Marquez with 199 points at the Tabellenspitze, five races are still driven.


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