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Doris Leuthard – Diesel decisions also apply to Swiss customers News

Sunday, August 13th, 2017 | Economy

This was said by German President and Transport Minister Doris Leuthard in an interview with the "NZZ am Sonntag". Leuthard assumes that the results of the Diesel Summit will also apply to Switzerland. "I see no reason to treat Swiss buyers differently from German ones," she said.
At the same time, the transport minister resisted the allegation that the Federal Council was too passive in the exhaust gas scandal. The government has been active on this issue since the first day.
"We know which consumers have bought affected vehicles, importers have assured us that they are converting cars with inadmissible software or paying for compensation, and we are soon implementing a new measurement methodology that ensures that the measured values ​​correspond to reality" , Said Leuthard.
At the Diesel summit at the beginning of August, the German car makers had announced to retrofit a total of around five million diesel cars with the exhaust emission limits Euro 5 and Euro 6 voluntarily. This figure includes the approximately 2.5 million vehicles of the Volkswagen Group, which have already received an update.
In addition to Volkswagen, the voluntary and free software updates also offer BMW, Daimler and Opel. According to the manufacturers, the update does not have any influence on engine power, fuel consumption and lifetime.

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