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Donald Trumps controversial chief strategist leaves the White House

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 | World News

Donald Trumps chief strategist Stephen Bannon leaves the White House. This is confirmed by the spokeswoman for the US President, Sarah Sanders.

The President's staff chief, John Kelly, and Bannon had agreed that Friday should be the last working day of Bannon's White House, according to a statement by Trumps spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. "We are grateful for what we have done and wish him the best", says the statement.

Bannon last torpedoed Trumps Korea course
The 63-year-old Bannon has emerged as a vehement representative of the nationalist economic policy of the president. Bannon had interjected in the middle of the week with a journalist of the North Korean policy Trumps by categorically excluding a military option to resolve the conflict.

  Bannon had also for some time been suspected of having passed confidential details from the White House to media. His internal adversaries include the more moderate and economic-minded forces in the Trump team, such as his son-in-law Jared Kushner, economic advisor Gary Cohn, and security adviser Herbert Raymond McMaster.

Architect of the "America First" strategy
Bannon was considered the voice of the ultra-right wing in the White House. He gave the so-called alt-right movement a platform again and again through the conservative website Breitbart News, which he formerly directed. Together with Stephen Miller, he was the architect of the "America First" strategy, Donald Trumps.

 The former investment banker and filmproducer had joined the team trump before the final phase of the 2016 campaign. He is credited with a decisive portion of the electoral victory Trumps.

The departure of Bannon is the highlight of an extremely turbulent week at the White House, where Trump had become a crossfire in the city of Charlottesville, mainly because of his dealings with violent right-wing extremists. The controversial attitude of Trumps, the extremists not clearly to condemn, had met worldwide criticism.


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