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Donald Trump stares straight into the eclipse of the sun – the net is broken

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | World News

America under the spell of the total solar eclipse. Millions of US citizens between the west and the east coast watched the rare cosmic show on Monday. President Donald Trump was also very impressed – and promptly made a capital mistake: he stared directly into the glowing sunlight without goggles. The mockery in the net was not long in coming.

It was in the late morning, when Trump accompanied by First Lady Melania and son Barron stepped onto the south balcony of the White House in Washington. A quick hint to the photographer, then a finger to the sky. A staff member still shouted to the President: "Do not look!" Too late: Trump glanced directly into the sun for several moments, then he set up a pair of goggles.

The model was made by Melania and Son Barron, who had their sunglasses ready. Daughter Ivanka had previously posted on Twitter a Selfie with goggles and wrote: "Remember to put on your glasses." Experts warn that an unprotected look directly into the sun can lead to serious eye injuries to blindness.

On the net, Trump reaped ridicule for his carelessness. "Is anyone surprised?" Asked Twitter user Gina Duncan. "He has great eyes, the best of all."

Is anyone surprised? He's got great eyes, big eyes, really the best eyes of anyone.- Gina Duncan (@DuncanGina) August 21, 2017
"Josh Jordan" thought of this fictitious dialogue: Trump rejects wearing sunglasses because Obama had worn one.

AIDE: You need to wear eclipse glasses.TRUMP: Did Obama wear them? AIDE: Yes – it's a safety issue.TRUMP: Then it's settled. No glasses. Pic.twitter.com/gXQrDat96l- Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) August 21, 2017
The newspaper "New York Daily News" was worth the headline. "Trump ignores Fake News and stares into the eclipse," the paper wrote, referring to Trumps' clashes with numerous US media, to whom he accuses lies.

A White House aide in the crowd below shouted "Do not look!" Right as @POTUS looked.Our #SolarEclipse Edition: https://t.co/l0NO46gCGN pic.twitter.com/x0ToMxtXnU- New York Daily News (@ NYDailyNews) August 21, 2017
Other funny reactions:

Anyway, best of luck convincing this guy to reinstate a federal advisory committee on climate change https://t.co/ZuVnjRRmMA- Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) August 21, 2017
Thought warnings about the Sun were fake news …- Devin Duke (@sirDukeDevin) August 21, 2017
99% of climate scientists: Climate change is real.Trump: ¯_ (ツ) _ / ¯Everyone: Do not look directly at the # SolarEclipse2017 Trump: pic.twitter.com/TALLUWVJwm- Josh Nelson (@josh_nelson) August 21, 2017


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