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Donald Trump Concludes Transgender from US Army

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | World News

Barack Obama had opened the US Army for Transgender. His successor, Donald Trump, is now pulling back. The US president justifies this with possible negative effects on the troops.

Trump signed a note on Friday, which instructs the Ministry of Defense to abolish a decision of the previous government of Barack Obama, as the White House announced.

Defense minister Ashton Carter, who was then a defendant, had in June 2016 enforced that transgender could no longer be excluded from military service. He also made it possible for members of the armed forces to adjust their gender. Transgender people are people who do not identify themselves – or not only – with the gender that was recorded at birth.

  Trump: "enormous medical costs"
Trump said there are more studies needed to ensure that transgenders do not hamper military effectiveness, destroy cohesion, or burden military resources. The US president had already announced via Twitter a month ago to exclude transgender from the military service.

The military must concentrate on the "decisive and overwhelming victory" and can not be burdened with the "enormous medical costs" associated with the service of transgenders, added Trump. His decision caused indignation – even among Republicans.

 No treatment of transgender soldiers
A deadline for implementation of rules on transgendering to join the military from 1 July has now been extended until January. In the meantime, the Ministry of Defense is forbidden by the note to pay for gender-based procedures, except in cases where treatment has already begun. It has been disclosed how transgender soldiers already serving are treated.


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