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Does Erdogan influence the election in Germany?

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | World News

German-Turkish relations revolve around the lowest point. Meanwhile, the Turkish President Erdogan calls for the CDU, the SPD and the Greens not to vote in the Bundestag election. Does the Turkish voters have a German passport to resonance?

People will not be influenced by Erdogan's call, as Yunus Ulusoy from the Center for Turkic Studies and Integration Research (ZfTI) believes. "There will be some who will be guided by their choice, but not many." The foundation in Essen is home to around 700,000 Turkish-backed voters, most of them – around 189,000 – in North Rhine-Westphalia, many in Berlin and some centers in Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Hamburg.

Ulusoy explains: "This can also be seen as a cry for Erdogan's choice to choose small parties with Turkish roots." Of course Erdogan supporters. So the Alliance of German Democrats (ADD), which is close to the Turkish governmental party AKP – and only in NRW. Or the BIG party, but boycotting the Bundestag election.

Although the majority of Turkish nationals in Germany were mostly more conservative in Germany, they had nevertheless voted mainly left-wing in the past, especially the SPD, according to the Essen ZfTI expert. "They have decided from their migration situation which party appeared to them the most committed here." Many of them were organized as workers and organized over a long period to the Social Democrats. Today, numerous people, especially from the second and third generation of migrants, are engaged as members of different parties and are politically active.

"Erdogan has been right with his criticism"
Kazim Kaya, head of the Turkish opposition party CHP in Baden-Württemberg, already believes that some of Erdogan's calls for influence can be influenced, because: "He is quite a supporter here." Voter Mehmet says: "Erdogan is right with his criticism of the great German parties." The leading political forces in Berlin were set too negatively against the leadership in Ankara, says the 27-year-old automechanician from Mannheim.

 Erdogan's demand is equal to an indirect boycott call of the Bundestag election, criticizes the migrant organization Federation of German Laborers' Workers (DIDF). "These statements have a negative impact on our cohabitation," stresses the Cologne umbrella organization of more than 35 clubs from Turkey. Erdogan tried to make the German-Turkish voters his "Marionette". All the more should all go to the election. The Central Council of Muslims also called for a vote.

Yusuf (54) from Berlin looks more relaxed. To Erdogan's meddling, he only said, "Oh, let him talk, we always choose what we think is right." Gökay Sofuoglu, the head of the Turkish community, is confident that "Erdogan's attempt to influence the election in this way is unlikely to stop most of the elections."

But the fact that Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and SPD challenger Martin Schulz wanted to strike the door to EU accession negotiations, could cost electoral participation. If disappointed Turkish men and women do not vote in two weeks, this might strengthen the right margins. Sofuoglu employs around 900,000 voters. They were not decisive. But your voice still has weight. For individual direct candidates, they might be a tad at the scales.


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