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Disillusionment at Toro Rosso: Top 10 suddenly quite far away

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Sports

26. August 2017 – 7:56 pm

And suddenly everyone was quicker: Carlos Sainz looked frustrated at the spa result

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(cafetheology.org) – For the Scuderia Toro Rosso the spa weekend of Formula 1 looked extremely promising – at least on the part of Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard went to the top 10 in all the training sessions at the Belgian Grand Prix of 2017 to Q1. But then came the setback in Q2: Only position 14 despite a fairly good round of the young Spaniard. Daniil Kwjat was already in Q1, which was not a surprise after the many problems on Friday. "I am very satisfied with myself personally, but if you look at the results list, you are already feeling frustrated," says Sainz about his starting position in the seventh row of the grid. "It's frustrating to have a good run all weekend round, even in Q2, and then you can only be in 14th place and wonder why you can not improve as much as the others." It is well-known that the Mercedes teams can turn the engine in the qualifying, but also the Renault-Werksteam and Haas did not give Toro Rosso any chance. (Result of Qualifying for the Grand Prix of Belgium 2017) The disappointment in the qualifying did not come as a surprise to Sainz: "We are half a second behind Renault, as in Silverstone, which is nothing new "We've had a lot of fun," he said, "and we're going to have to make it, "Q3 would be very difficult, but it is already frustrating." There is no particular reason, such as the driving behavior, except for the fact that the competition can simply increase. "We have not touched the car since the first free practice, because the balance was really good," said the 22-year-old. "This is the first time this season that we did not change the car, so it was so easy for me to find the limit in qualifying." His problem: He drove faster in Q1 than in Q2. With that 1: 45.374 minutes he would have beaten Kevin Magnussen 13th place. In Q2, however, he took only 1'45.439 minutes. Kwjat without any preparation for qualifying and raceFor Daniil Vyacheslavovich Kwyat, the big bad luck went on in Spa-Francorchamps. On Friday, Toro Rosso decided to change several components of the drive unit after another roll-out in the third free practice session. This resulted in 20 penalties for the Russian. Ten for the fifth internal combustion engine, five for the fifth turbocharger and five for the fifth MGU-H. In the qualifying session, he made a little surprise in Q1, as he could hardly prepare himself. He starts from place 19. "He had no reference points for this weekend", STR-Techchef James Key holds his protective hand over him. "No Longruns on the softer tire, no shortruns on the Ultrasofts before the qualifying, so he was compromised from the outset and the team apologizes for it." Why is it always the Russians at Toro Rosso? "I do not know," shakes the 23-year-old. "The team is looking at everything, but they do not know exactly yet.We had several problems this weekend with our drive units.We now have a fat punishment, but hopefully it fixes the problem.We will see tomorrow: if we are the target flag We know we have solved the problems. "

Image with rarity: A moving Daniil Kwjat!

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The qualifying was a pain for Kwjat: "I've already driven as fast as I could and I've got the best lap times for these circumstances. Of course it's easy to say afterwards that I could have done differently in this and that turn And so on, but it was my first real round, I did my best, but it was pretty damned, with a lot of corrections and quarreths, it was an instinct round without any preparation. "The race is also a leap into the cold water , Because Kwjat could not really prepare for the Sunday. "I do not believe that there will be any miracles," he does not remain optimistic. "I had no longrun, so I have to try it tomorrow." "I will not go on arriving, but try to get the best out of it. I will drive as fast as I can."


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