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Diesel Industry – German Industry Against Prohibition of Combustion Engines News

Sunday, August 20th, 2017 | Economy

According to BDI President Dieter Kempf, BDI President Dieter Kempf told the newspapers of the "Funke Mediengruppe", according to the preliminary report, whether the position of a long-term prohibition of combustion engines by Chancellor Angela Merkel or The demand for an e-car quota of SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz for purposeful hold.
"The state can set goals and frameworks, but it is the business of research and development to develop technologies that best meet these goals," Kempf said. "Technologieoffenheit" is the magic word. "I am convinced that the Federal Government's ambitious climate can only be achieved by closely interlinking future technologies and bridge technologies such as diesel, hybrid, biofuels and natural gas."
A loss of the tax advantages for diesel would not be wise for climate protection reasons alone, Kempf said. "A diesel consumes 25 percent less fuel than a gasoline, its CO2 emissions are up to 15 percent lower." The diesel would be needed as a bridge technology because of its lower CO2 emissions, until alternative technologies made a breakthrough.
Merkel recently described a ban on new diesel cars as a right approach in the long term. Schulz had demanded a quota for electric cars.


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