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"Did me good, you say my opinion"

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | World News

In the ZDF broadcast "Klartext, Mrs. Merkel" the Federal Chancellor did not make a good figure. Petra Vogel met with the issue of Merkel's sore point. But the cleaning woman is not a normal worker.

Petra Vogel feels satisfaction. There was a lot of time in the Bochumerin – and now the Chancellor has really poured one. That was in the broadcast "Klartext, Frau Merkel" on ZDF. It was about Vogel's Minirente. The day after, the building cleaner is satisfied: "I did well to tell the Chancellor my opinion and make her clear that she can not always get out of it all."

The case is hotly debated: Who is Petra Vogel? Why does the chancellor slip into the social? Has the television Angela Merkel set a trap? There was almost a tear coming from the single player with whom ZDF presented Petra Vogel. "Petra Vogel is a cleansing force in a clinic – a bone job." At the age of 656 euros, she would still be poor. A piece of cod from the market is their greatest luxury.

  Although the station mentioned before 3.8 million viewers that Vogel is on the works council and also participates in collective bargaining. However, the fact that she was elected chairman of the works council 14 years ago and has since been freed from the cleaning service has remained unclear, as is active in IG Bau, and since 2004 a member of the Linkspartei. However, chief editor and presenter Peter Frey has announced the 150 citizens who should be Merkel, as "transversely through the political camps".

Merkel is lavishing around the pension
In any case, the Chancellor came to the point with her question as to why there were not sufficient pensions for all in Germany. When Merkel praised the merits of the Riesterrrente, the 59-year-old asked: "But Mrs Merkel, that is not the answer to my question, I asked you why it is not possible in Germany to create a (…) pension system , where people can get at least a basic rift of 1000, 1050 euros and do not have to walk around the station after 40 years to collect bottles and cans. "

 Merkel said she understood, defended the basic security, and pointed out that cleaning services were often outsourced from hospitals and poorly paid. "But our retirement system, I can not promise to change immediately." "What does immediately mean?" Vogel countered. In fact, according to the electoral program, the Union does not want to make a big difference to the retirement, while the SPD and the Left promise a rapid basic pension reform.

The leftist has become a member of the resolute power of cleaning, because it has "so annoyed" about the 'Agenda 2010'. In the union she sits in the tariff committee. She does not believe that she is generally better off than her colleagues. "When orders come, it's not that I'm sticking to my office chair, but I'm helping with it, of course."

Party membership was known to ZDF
At ZDF, one emphasizes: "It was the editorial department in the two 'Klartext' programs to show German society in its diversity – old and young, man and woman, city and country, East and West, people with and without clear political home. " The moderators would have known some of the guests from prepared profiles or television and network formats.

That Vogel is a member of the Left, was known for the Redkation. The moderators also had an orientation, which of the invited guests to which topic complexes can be questioned well. Much is then also due to the dynamism of such a broadcast.

The Left insists that nothing has to do with the matter. "We did not send anyone there," says a party spokesman. However, the Karl-Liebknecht House in Berlin is happy that it is not unusual to be left-wingers who are active in trade unions and are also fit for battle.

The Chancellor came to Petra Vogel after the show. What did the two women say? "She gave me the hand and said she was very sorry I was in such a situation," says Vogel. "One could not regulate everything in politics, but there would certainly be some improvements."


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